Top 5: Green's dunks of the year

Celtics coach Doc Rivers has said over and over this season that he wants to see forward Jeff Green attack the basket with regularity, because, well, good things tend to happen when Green makes his way into the lane. Sometimes the results are pretty routine: A hook shot is converted or a trip to the free throw line is earned. But other times, Green ratchets things up a notch, by exploding to the rim and throwing down a highlight-worthy dunk. While he still has plenty of time this season to continue gracing SportsCenter's Top 10, here are Green's five best dunks so far (videos are linked; click to open in a new window).

5. Dec. 8 -- Green's right-handed flush vs. 76ers

Early in the second quarter of Boston's 92-79 victory over Philly, Rajon Rondo found himself cut off in the left corner, but he managed to find a slicing Green, who started on the left wing, received the ball in the center of the lane, skied up just along the restricted area line, and delivered a strong one-handed flush on the right side.

4. Nov. 30 -- Green spins and dunks while being fouled vs. Blazers

In one of Boston's most convincing wins of the season -- a 96-78 victory over the Portland Trailblazers -- Green posted up old friend Sasha Pavlovic just outside of the right block, nearly lost the ball, recovered, and unleashed a lightning-quick spin towards the baseline, completely leaving Pavlovic out of the remainder of the play. From there Green rose up, held the ball back as he absorbed contact from the rotating Jared Jeffries, and finished the play off with a two-handed slam.

3. Dec. 14 -- Green rises up over Carlos Delfino

Green's slam on a retreating Carlos Delfino was perhaps the only highlight for the Celtics in what amounted to a disappointing 101-89 loss to the Houston Rockets to begin what would turn into an 0-3 road stint earlier this month. Rondo secured the ball after it ricocheted off of Kevin Garnett's leg, began the fast break, and waited as Green motored up the floor. Rondo delivered an easy underhanded shovel pass and Green did the rest, rising up well outside of the restricted area to deliver a thunderous right-handed dunk on the helpless Delfino.

2. Oct. 13 -- Green dunks hard on Jason Kidd

We're going back a few months, and though the preseason doesn't count for much of anything once the real games get going, Green posterized Jason Kidd with a powerful right-handed slam that was, in retrospect, a sign of things to come. Green, residing on the left wing, took a pass from Jason Terry, upfaked, and drove (somewhat casually at first) into the lane, before seeing his opening and rocketing up to literally hurl the ball through the hoop over Kidd.

1. Nov. 14 -- Green posterizes Al Jefferson

How good was Green's posterizing dunk on Al Jefferson during the Celtics' 98-93 victory over the Jazz back in November? Jefferson actually went up to Green shortly after the play and gave him a lighthearted prod of congratulations. Green didn't take any pity on Jefferson, as he attacked the lane from the left corner off of a feed from Garnett. As he skied up and held the ball high in his right hand, he looked like he could have tossed in a simple high-arcing jump hook. Instead, Green went for the throat, as he brought the ball down and hammered it home with authority, completely eliminating any chance Jefferson had of defending it.