Rivers: 'Change means a lot of things'

Celtics coach Doc Rivers dropped in for five good minutes with PTI on Wednesday afternoon, addressing his outburst after Sunday's loss in Detroit. Here's a chunk of the back-and-forth (questions in bold) as transcribed by our friends at CelticsHub:

Is this team simply turning it on and off right now?

Well I hope not. The reason is, it’s not the same group. We have nine new players on this team. I keep hearing that and that may be true with some of the guys, and maybe even with some of the new guys think, 'well that’s what has been done in the past.' This group has to learn about how to play together first before you think about turning it off and turning it on. That may be true, I hope not and as you know, no coach wants to hear that.

You said the other day might have to make changes after the game Sunday night. Do you still feel that way?

Change means a lot of things. I think in this day or time when you say changes you think trades. We’re pretty consistent lately with our lineups since when Avery’s come back. Changes mean [changing the lineups] as well. When I say changes, it can mean a lot of things and a lot of times, it’s that [changes to the lineup].

Q: So when you talk about changes, you aren’t talking about trading people. I thought I heard you say at one point you were going to get people out of here. Do you still believe that?

It’s not volcanic, except it was after a game and everything is volcanic after the game. That is true though if at some point we feel like this is not the right group, we will have to do that. We are not going to do anything though that hurts this team in the long run. This is an interesting group because we do know that we’re getting older with some of our guys. We also have added some younger guys. There is patience on one end, but we have to make sure we have the right mix of guys. That’s a question we don’t know get to know for awhile, so that was more what I was saying.

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