Pregame: Rivers on trades, Williams, Buss

LOS ANGELES -- A few quick hits before the Celtics and Lakers tip on Wednesday night:

* RIVERS COY ON TRADE CHATTER: Asked about the emotional state of his team given all the trade rumors that have swirled about his squad, Rivers noted, "I think we’re great. I think most of the talk has been with [the media]. Really, very little talk about it. Our guys know what’s going on. We really know what’s going on. Our guys are good." Rivers wouldn't, however, commit to whether his team would be intact after Thursday's 3 p.m. deadline. "I’m asked that every year the night before the trade deadline. I give the same answer: I have no idea," said Rivers. "Even if I told you 'No' or 'Yes,' then something crazy changes -- so why waste the time? I have no idea."

* WILL T-WILL PLAY? The Celtics formally announced the signing of Terrence Williams to a 10-day contract on Wednesday. He had joined the team in Denver, but will be available for the first time against the Lakers. What can Williams bring? "I have no idea; I wish I knew. I haven’t seen him play," said Rivers. "He’s not had a practice, not had anything. We may throw him in tonight, we may not. We’ll just see how the game goes. At the end of the day, it’s basketball. That’s what I try to tell our new guys: Don’t try to run a play, because you don’t know it. Just go out and play and try not to get in anyone’s way. Then try to get in someone’s way on the [defensive] end." More on Williams later, but hop HERE to watch video of his introduction to the Boston media.

* BUSS CHANGED THE GAME: Rivers showered Dr. Jerry Buss with praise for what he meant to not only the Lakers organization, but all of professional sports. "He made [Los Angeles] a place that everybody wanted to go," said Rivers. "The Lakers went through a long dry spell before he got here. They had the Jerry West years, but he made this a cool place. This is where everybody wanted to go, everybody wanted to play. He created it, he really did. He created the Lakers girls, the whole thing. Players take note of that. Especially when you think how he did it in a time when there was no [salary] cap. You could go where you wanted to go and he took full advantage of that."