Quick hits from Doc Rivers

Quick hits following Celtics head coach Doc Rivers' weekly appearance on Boston sports radio WEEI (93.7 FM) Thursday morning (click HERE to listen).

* On whether it feels like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce reach a new milestone every night: "Yeah, it really does. I was laughing about that yesterday. We clapped for Kevin and then four minutes later we're clapping for Paul. I thought we were going to have to clap for Kevin again at some point later in the game. But it's really cool when you hear names like Jerry West. Kevin Garnett just passed the NBA logo and Paul passes Charles Barkley. So when you hear names like that, you know how lucky you are as a coach that you're coaching guys like that."

* On Garnett understanding the significance of the milestones and acknowledging the crowd: "Well you never know with Kevin. We're very careful with any of those things, celebrations, giving him a ball, because he feels like it gets him out of his norm. I don't know if you've ever noticed the game balls, we usually don't do it. We do it in the locker room after the game, and it's just his wish that he wants to stay focused. But I do think over this year especially, I think he understands that he has how many years left and we don't know that, but I do think he's starting to acknowledge a lot of that and appreciate it and soak it in and I'm happy he's doing that."

* On whether Garnett could have scored more throughout his career if he had wanted to: "Oh my gosh, yes. I really think if he wanted to or had been a scorer and just focused on that, we would be talking about him challenging for the record right now. I think that's how good he can score, but I also think that's how unselfish he's been."

* On if he can recall a better on-ball defender than Avery Bradley: "No ... Derek Harper would be the first guy that comes to mind for me. Alvin Robertson was pretty good. Scottie Pippen was great, but he was a three. But as far as a point guard up pressuring the ball, you haven't seen guys get ripped at half court the way Avery has done. He has a list of guys now. I mean, it's almost every single -- he got Westbrook, he did it (Wednesday) night to Lowry. You really haven't seen that since maybe Walt Frazier used to get guys, if you remember, with that strip at half court. But to do it as consistent as Avery does it, I don't know if I've ever seen it."

* On bothering Toronto point guards Kyle Lowry and Sebastian Telfair: "Both of them. I just thought they got to the point where it became so personal with Avery that they forgot about their team and it changed the game and that's what Avery does."

* On why the team performed so poorly against the Bobcats on Tuesday: "I don't know. I wish you guys could tell me. We were bad. I mean, we were flat, you could see it early. It happens, and really, there's no excuse for what happened in that game because, again, we did have a noon game, a day off, so we had a lot of rest going into that game, and we just laid an egg. And it's human. It happens. But it's no fun to go through."

* On whether he should begrudgingly give Miami credit for winning 20 straight: "Yeah, but I think you should always give your opponent respect. And what they're doing is amazing, especially when you factor in that every night the other team is playing their best. They're trying to beat them. I think people forget -- the year after we won it, we won 18 in a row before Kevin went down, and we were on that same kind of roll as well, so I understand it. It's hard to do. It really is hard to do. And the fact that they're doing it is pretty impressive."

* On being upset over the Wes Welker news on Wednesday: "Well I was just kind of playing around, but yeah I wasn't happy with it. I like Wes, Wes is a big Celtics fan, so I do like that. But I hated to see him leave, number one, and hated to see him go to Denver, who I think in the near future will become a big rival."

* On whether the Patriots losing Wes Welker felt like the Celtics losing Ray Allen: "Well it didn't for me, but I'm sure it did for them. It's far more personal for the Patriots, like Ray was far more personal for us, so I'm sure it did feel the same way."

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