Faverani ready to work like 'an animal'

Another Spanish-language interview with Celtics center Vitor Faverani has been posted by hoops blog Fin de Posesion (The Last Possession). While the Google Translation is expectedly a bit rough around the edges, it's a quality read (especially in these quiet summer months) with more insight on a player the Celtics signed to a three-year deal this offseason. A highlight (with some grammatical clean-ups in brackets):

Q: Boston is in full reconstruction after [trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and] you are part of those players called to create the new Celtics. What goals [have] you set yourself personally [for next] season?

Faverani: My goal personally is the same as I [had] in Murcia or Valencia, which is work, work and work. Prove to them that I... want to play and give me minutes to demonstrate what I'm doing there... I wish I could say that I will score 20 points and grab 10 rebounds, but right now it's impossible to know... So the main thing is work hard, work [like] "an animal" to see that I'm eager and able to play there.

Faverani also discusses talking with new coach Brad Stevens via phone and his decision to wear No. 38 (suggesting there's a tattoo involved). There's also a bunch of his basketball journey from Brazil to Spain to Boston and it ends with Faverani offering, "a hug for everyone."