Cousy and a long goodbye

If you haven't read this story from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette on Bob Cousy's long goodbye to his wife, Missie, it's absolutely worth your time:

The game plan, as he called it, rarely varied. Each morning, he'd awaken first and set things on the kitchen table — her pills, the newspaper, a fiber bar, a banana. Then he'd return to the bedroom and rouse his wife. Often, she balked at leaving the warmth of the covers, so he'd gently coax her. Always, he was gentle.

Once she was up, he'd lead her to the kitchen to read the newspaper. It took two or three hours to get through the pages, because she'd underline each sentence in every story with a black pen. After a while he found comfort in reading between the lines, because it was something they shared.

"She was leading a happy life," he said. "It was part of the game plan."

Last week, after 63 years of marriage, Bob Cousy said goodbye to his bride. His loved ones say he's bereft, inconsolable. And they're surprised that he agreed to an interview, because Cousy is a private man who cared for Missie alone for more than a decade, never seeking help, services or sympathy. That wasn't in the game plan.

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