Bradley's Bird-like over-the-backboard shot

BOSTON -- Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley had two admissions after Tuesday's win over the Milwaukee Bucks: 1) He's never seen the famous Larry Bird behind-the-backboard shot and 2) his copycat version was pure luck.

When Jared Sullinger's off-balance jumper missed the rim midway through the first quarter, caroming high toward the baseline, Bradley swooped in to corral the ball while drifting out of bounds. With less than a second on the shot clock, Bradley alertly sent a high-arcing shot over the backside of the backboard and it splashed through the twine.

"Honestly, that was just a lucky shot," Bradley said. "I didn’t even know how much time was left. I just wanted to get the shot up. ... I heard my teammates yelling, so I just threw it up."

During a preseason game in Hartford in 1986, Bird lost control of the ball on the blocks and was forced to shoot the ball from almost directly behind the backboard (a slightly higher degree of difficulty).

But that didn't stop Bradley's teammates from making the obvious connection after splashing the shot usually reserved for a game of HORSE.

"Larry Bird," Sullinger said when asked if he'd seen anything like Bradley's bucket. "But that was pretty impressive."