Insider: What is Ainge up to?

ESPN Insider's Kevin Pelton examined the Boston Celtics roster and the team's collection of future draft picks while analyzing how the team can return to contender status. A snippet regarding the team's stash of picks:

Projecting the potential value of Brooklyn's picks in 2016, 2017 and 2018 is difficult to do this far out, but it's already clear that the two picks the Celtics hold this June are among their most valuable assets. Boston gets the lesser of the Nets' and Atlanta Hawks' picks, which simulations show will most likely end up in the late teens. On average, such a pick provides $5 million in value above salary over the life of the rookie contract.

It's the Celtics' own pick, likely to fall somewhere between 5 and 11, that is the real prize. Weighting the possible scenarios, Boston's pick is likely to be worth $10 million in value above salary during the player's rookie contract, and that's before taking into account this year's strong draft class. With the league increasingly reluctant to part with precious first-round picks, it's possible they might actually be overvalued in trades, giving a team like the Celtics the opportunity to add value by going against the trend.

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