C's to grant wish for New Zealand boy

A very cool story about a young man in New Zealand with a rare genetic eye disease who is set to come see the Celtics play after team owner Wyc Grousbeck and his wife, Corrine, were alerted to his story on Twitter:

Top US basketball team the Boston Celtics have reached out to a young Kiwi fan whose one wish is to see them play live before he goes blind.

Louis Corbett, 12, has a genetic eye disease called retinitus pigmentosa. It causes severe vision impairment and Louis - and two other siblings - will eventually lose his sight. His story featured in the Weekend Herald and owners of the Boston Celtics heard about it via Twitter.

Co-owners of the team Wycliffe and Corrine Grousbeck have a son, Campbell, who is blind and attends the Perkins School for the Blind in Massachusetts.

In a joint statement to the Herald yesterday, they said: "We found out about Louis through the magic of social media and the fact that some of our followers knew about our connection to Perkins and tweeted the article to us."

They have offered to pay for Louis to travel to the US to watch a game.

Louis' father, Tim Corbett, was stunned when he heard the news.

"It's just out of this world stuff. To have someone care for a 12-year-old kid on the other side of the world is just amazing. We've been stunned by the generosity of people."

(Read full story from New Zealand Herald)

Our good friend Jay from Red's Army deserves a Tommy Point for finding the original story, and Celtics fans on Twitter did an amazing job ensuring the Grousbecks were alerted to the young man's story.