LottoWatch: C's alone at 5

The Boston Celtics won their second straight game on Saturday night in Cleveland and, combined with a loss for the Utah Jazz, have slipped to the fifth-worst record in basketball. A glance at the bottom of the league's lottery standings, including current chances at the highest of picks:

Celtics dip to 5th

The Celtics are only a half-game in front of the Lakers with two games to play. Boston is idle on Sunday, but will have an eye on the out-of-town scoreboard as the Lakers host Memphis (while Orlando visits Brooklyn).

Boston was tied with Orlando for the third-worst record in basketball before the weekend and owned as much as a 42.6 percent chance at a top 3 pick and a 13.7 percent chance at the top selection. Those percentages are down to 29.1 percent for a top 3 selection and 8.8 percent for the top spot now that Boston sits alone at the fifth-worst record.