Wanted: Celtics Summer Forecasters

Our annual Celtics Summer Forecast series starts next week and will run for the remainder of August, hoping to promote some basketball chatter during the quietest time of the NBA offseason.

We've already begun recruiting some of our favorite local bloggers to offer their insight, but we're hoping to add a new wrinkle this year and get our readers involved as well (hey, you guys are smarter than us most of the time).

Below you'll find a link to complete the first five questions in this year's Summer Forecast. There's five required questions that will take you no more than 60 seconds to complete, and there's an option to add a more detailed response after each question. We'll compile some of our favorite fan responses into our daily posts (and you can remind us next August how you were better at predicting the 2014-15 season than the "experts" were).

[Complete Part I of our 2014 Summer Forecast]