Fan Forecast: Fuzzy for Zeller

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Our Summer Forecast panel might have been split on who will start the 2014-15 season at center for the Boston Celtics, but our readers were pretty sure newcomer Tyler Zeller has the inside track.

A look at how the fan voting broke down (note: Other category represents a small handful of votes for none of the listed options and one single vote for Joel Anthony):

Fan Forecast: Who starts at center?

And here's a sample of responses:

Jason (Tyler Zeller)

Sullinger and KO should, and will be, the 1-2 punch at the 4. They are not centers, and no more time should be wasted in their development. Zeller is still a young, developing true center, and will be best served playing alongside the starters you hope he will be playing with for years. Faverani should be getting all the minutes off the bench. There's no point in playing Joel Anthony or an out-of-position player when they are not part of your future at the position.

Stav (Olynyk/Sullinger)

I expect to see Olynyk start at center (and guard the opposing center) next to Sully at power forward (though he plays more like a traditional bang-down-low center on offense). Another possibility would be Sully at center and Bass at power forward, a lineup Stevens utilized quite a bit last season. The Celtics have shown in the past that they don't trust young players who are new to the team with starting roles and I don't think Zeller is an exception. I think that the young center has a shot of becoming the starting center down the road and playing alongside Sully but I expect him to be competing with Bass to be the first big man off the bench.

Dan (Vitor Faverani)

His defense and rebounding will complement the starting unit better even though he doesn't have much experience. Having Sully or Olynyk as the first big off the bench will provide them with more offensive playmakers.

Ray (Joel Anthony)

We have a lot of versatile players, so he is healthy, long, and can occasionally block shots or disrupt shooters by putting a hand in their face.

Em (None of the Above)

Roy Hibbert for Green!

Aaron (Zeller)

Zeller is the Celtics' truest center at the moment and should get the starting nod. Starting him will allow Stevens the Flexibility to bring in Olynyk at either the 4 or 5 position off the bench.

Scott (Zeller)

Brad Stevens loves him, he's 7 foot, and has starting NBA experience under his belt at center. Boom!

Peter (Sullinger/Olynyk)

Sully just needs to play. With most teams opting to use power forwards instead of traditional centers, his size and athleticism would suit the position well.

Rob (Zeller)

Zeller is a true 5, that will offer a physical presence next to Sullinger, with Olynyk working in as the sixth man who can play with either of them.

Ryan (Sullinger/Olynyk)

The power of incumbency wins on opening night but it should be Zeller by Christmas.