High 5 with CelticsBlog

I tackled five off-the-radar offseason questions with our friends at CelticsBlog. Here's a sample:

Q: Jared Sullinger seems to have been tasked with losing weight and/or getting into better condition for the upcoming season. Do you think the Celtics have an ideal playing weight in mind for him and do you think there is any danger in him losing too much weight given his style of play?

CF: I remember Kevin Garnett saying that Sullinger has "the perfect body for rebounding," and there's been multiple instances where Sullinger has playfully thanked his genetics for his space-creating derriere. I think the Celtics' goal with Sullinger is to simply increase his ability to stay on the floor. He played 27.6 minutes per game last season, but the goal is to get him to where he can play 30+ minutes per game with no drop off in performance. Slimming down a little bit shouldn't hurt him, particularly if he plays more of his natural power forward spot.

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