YouTube: Baby sings 'Tik Tok'

A couple weeks back after one of Boston's first practices of the season in Waltham, players were being shuttled up to a conference room adjacent to the media work area in order to film some of the segments that appear on the JumboTron throughout the course of Celtics' home games. There's very little that's more hilarious than hearing a player trying to conjure up the energy to implore fans to get excited for the fourth quarter of a fictional basketball game after enduring a two-hour practice session weeks before the real games even start. The outtakes clearly top the ones that actually make the final cut.

But on that day, Glen Davis got brought up to the room and, despite the fairly thick wood door muffling some of the sound from the other room, it was quite clear what was going on as he sang a karaoke version of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" that afternoon, leaving just about everyone in earshot rolling in laughter.

The finished product debuted last night at the Garden and Red's Army's Jay Ouellette managed to collect the goods on video.

As we mentioned in our postgame notes last night, the clip is made all the more awesome by the way the crowd reacts when the contestant -- dressed as a doctor for Halloween -- is revealed to be "Doc Rivers." Let's just say the Garden faithful aren't big on puns.

(It should be noted, too, that the Celtics truly provide one of the best in-game experiences for their fans. Having traveled throughout the league over the past year, it's frightening how dreadful some of the dead-ball experiences can be. If you're lucky enough to be out at a game, enjoy these type of moments. Now someone figure out how we get Red Panda Acrobat involved in more halftimes).