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Insider: C's open to trading Green?

January, 21, 2014

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is not done trying to make trades by the Feb. 20 deadline and to no surprise Sam Smith of writes: "More executives think the Celtics want to trade Jeff Green. They’re probably trying to persuade someone to take Gerald Wallace along with Green, though many figure they’ll eventually move Green. A nice exchange could be for Omer Asik, giving the Celtics a point guard/defensive center core to move forward with along with Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk."

While Green is likely being shopped, the remaining two years on his contract paying $18.36 million could be problematic. Green is having a good season for the Celtics, however he has not lived up to his contract or expectations as a leader. The Celtics will likely need to include one of their many future first round picks for some team to take Green.

Chris Forsberg
Midseason check-in: All on board?
"Green has been exactly who he has been over the first six years of his NBA career, which is sort of the problem. Thrust into the spotlight with Rajon Rondo rehabbing and Boston's veterans departed, Green was supposed to flourish as the focal point of the offense. Instead, his per-36-minute numbers remain in line with his career averages, his scoring up a bit (17.1 points per game), but his field goal percentage down (42.9 percent). His defense has been better, but the Celtics are still waiting for Green to be the sort of offensive player they can lean on every night."


Jeff Green

Insider: C's among top overachievers

December, 23, 2013
ESPN Insider examines the teams that are outperforming expectations after two months of the 2013-14 season and the Celtics check in at No. 5 (on pace fore 34 after SCHOENE projections pegged them at 28).

A snippet from Kevin Pelton: "When schedule is factored in, they've performed no better than the Sacramento Kings, who are 14th in the West at 8-18, and nobody would be considering an unexpected playoff run if Boston was in the other conference. Still, the Celtics have overachieved, especially considering that those projections factored in Rajon Rondo returning at some point. Without their star point guard, Boston has stayed competitive thanks to Brad Stevens molding an above-average defense out of a team lacking size and shot-blocking in the frontcourt."

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Insider: Hollinger's Celtics prediction

October, 10, 2012

In an Insider Insider piece,'s John Hollinger offers his season prediction for the Boston Celtics, pegging the Green for a 48-34 finish (first in the Atlantic, third in the Eastern Conference). A sampling of his analysis:
The good news, however, is that the added offense, especially from Terry, should take some of the strain off Garnett, Pierce and Rondo. The former two players struggle to create easy looks in one-on-one situations, and while Rondo can be a dynamite set-up man, his own inability to score makes it hard to use him as the focal point.

Thus, the likes of Terry, Lee, Sullinger and Green will add more options for Boston offensively, particularly when the second unit comes in. (Boston's bench was pitiful offensively last season.) There isn't a pure point guard in the bunch and that may cause some strains, but Boston is likely to improve on its 24th-place standing of last season … particularly if some of the new guys try for offensive boards.

Overall, then, Boston is poised to end up right back where it was last season. With no daunting power in the East beyond Miami, the race for the second position in the conference is there for the taking. I have the Celtics projected in a tight pack with several other teams, so they could easily finish as low as sixth or seventh or as high as second. But given their recent track record, nobody will count them out in the playoffs regardless of where they're seeded.

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Insider: Can C's dethrone the Heat?

August, 29, 2012
Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty ImagesBoston's new Big 3: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo.

Can the Celtics win the Eastern Conference next season? Bradford Doolittle of Basketball Prospectus examines that topic in an Insider Insider profile of teams that could dethrone the Heat:
So the Celtics look like a much deeper team this season and they're younger, too. Boston projected to have an average age (weighted by projected minutes) under 30 for the first time since the 2008-09 season. They should be a bit more athletic and projected to be the top defensive team in the league. The key to closing the gap with Miami in a possible head-to-head meeting will be for Boston to keep the scoreboard turning on a consistent basis. While the Celtics project a little better on the offense, they still won't be an elite team on that end of the floor, or even average. Boston does not emphasize offensive rebounding in the least, which is one of the items holding back its offensive efficiency.

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Insider: Ford's Mock Draft, Version 8.2

June, 22, 2012
Citing two sources pointing in the direction of the Boston Celtics as the team to promise Iowa State's Royce White that he won't slip past them in the first round, Chad Ford offers an update to his latest mock draft Insider:

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Hollinger: East threats to Bulls-Heat

March, 28, 2012
In his PER Diem Insider column for Wednesday, John Hollinger examines the chances that each of the East's other potential playoff squads have to prevent a Bulls-Heat finals. Here's a look at Hollinger's take on the Celtics:
Why they might shock Miami or Chicago: Well, we've seen this movie before -- Boston staggers through the regular season, gets its starters healthy for the playoffs and then gears up for a run. Amidst all the team's troubles, the Celtics' defense hasn't wavered (third in defensive efficiency), and their biggest weakness, the bench, will be much less of a factor when the starters play 40 minutes a night in the playoffs.

On the other hand ... They're just not that good. Boston is only 19th in the Power Rankings and has barely outscored its opponents while playing the league's third-eastiest schedule thus far. Also, the Celtics are out of bigs. With Chris Wilcox and Jermaine O'Neal done for the season, the Celtics' frontcourt "depth" consists of limited shot-blocker Greg Stiemsma and underachieving hothead Ryan Hollins.

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Our friends at ESPN Insider suggested Tuesday that the Celtics, as a team, could benefit from a shortened season. Today, Insider's Tom Haberstroh pegs Kevin Garnett as one of five players ( in particular that could be aided by a lockout-shortened slate:

No active big man has logged more minutes on an NBA floor than this guy (only Jason Kidd has more). In fact, the second minute that Garnett plays next season will be No. 48,000 for his career, if we count both regular season and the playoffs. At 35, "The Kid" could use an extended vacation, and with the owners and players currently refusing to budge, he might very well get one.

He's less injury-prone than most think. If you could guarantee Boston fans before last season that Garnett would play more than 70 games in 2010-11, they'd take that in a second. Garnett played 71 games, not to mention another nine in the playoffs. Heck, Celtics fans might have even broken the bank for more than 60 games from their All-Star big man.

He looked physically overmatched against Chris Bosh (never a good sign) at the tail end of the Eastern Conference semifinals, but for a guy who's got that many miles on his odometer, it's hard to expect anything more.

The other players listed: Portland's Greg Oden, Chicago's Derrick Rose, free agent David West and old friend Kendrick Perkins. Writes Habestroh: "Although he's not known for posting big numbers, Perkins' 6.1 playoff PER was a far cry from his 16.4 rating during the Celtics' title campaign in 2008-09. If the lockout persists, he'll get plenty of time to get back to his less grumpy-looking self."

Last week our friends at ESPN Stats and Info used the 1998-99 season to show how a veteran team like Boston can benefit from a shortened season. Now ESPN Insider counts the Celtics among five teams (the Warriors, Trail Blazers, Magic, and Mavericks the others) with potential to benefit from another lockout-shortened season:

Like Orlando, the Celtics benefit from having a strong defense. The second-best defense in the league last year has performed well for multiple straight seasons and should continue to do so even in a shortened season.

A short season could also give the weary bodies of Boston's Big Three a much-needed break. If the Celtics are going to make another championship run, they need all their players to be healthy. What does 30 fewer games mean? More than 1,000 minutes of game play where Kevin Garnett can't get hurt.

A hectic schedule with multiple games crammed into a tight time frame remains a concern, particularly considering how poorly the Celtics played in back-to-back games last season. Alas, we've also seen the Celtics stumble to the finish line in each of the past two seasons, so maybe lopping off 30 games wouldn't be a bad thing for Boston.

Ford's mock draft, Version 3.0

May, 24, 2011
With the NBA Draft combine completed, ESPN's Chad Ford checks in with his third mock of the yearInsider. We'll be keeping an eye on his projection for potential Celtics over the next month leading up to the draft.

Past selections:
* Mock, Version 1.0: Chris Singleton, Florida State
* Mock, Version 2.0: Jordan Williams, Maryland

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Ford's mock draft, Version 2.0

May, 18, 2011
With the draft lottery complete and the first-round order set, ESPN's Chad Ford checks in with his second mock of the yearInsider. We'll be keeping an eye on his projection for potential Celtics over the next month leading up to the draft.

In his initial mock, Ford had the Celtics choosing Florida State's Chris Singleton, who leaped all the way to Utah at No. 12 in Mock 2.0. Williams only has one strength listed -- rebounding -- but that's something Boston clearly needs after the past two seasons.

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Insider: Hollinger's playoff surprises

April, 29, 2011
In a playoffs full of surprises,'s John Hollinger examines the most surprising players of the first round (InsiderInsider), including Boston's Ray Allen:

Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty ImagesThis sort of intensity helped Kevin Garnett land on John Hollinger's All-Defensive first team.
With five games to go,'s John Hollinger hands in his ballot for the NBA's All-Defensive team Insider and, not surprisingly, there's a a few Celtics in the mix.

Kevin Garnett is the only Celtics player to land on Hollinger's first team, earning the award at the power forward position.
The power forward crop doesn't overwhelm with top-tier candidates this year, but Garnett is a glaring exception. Even if his own numbers weren't off the charts -- for a team that's already great defensively -- one would have to consider KG for the way his manic intensity rubs off on the rest of the team. Throw in his renewed vigor after struggling with bad knees a year ago, and he's a no-brainer first-team pick.

Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo lands on the third team at point guard (Writes Hollinger: "It's hard leaving him out of the top two when he's the unquestioned top dog at this position when he's at the top of his game."), while Paul Pierce is third team at small forward (Writes Hollinger, "Pierce's offense gets all the press, but he may be the league's most underrated defender.")

Hollinger also gives a nod to Glen Davis and Marquis Daniels for their strong defensive play during the 2010-11 season.

Insider: Hollinger on the East race

April, 5, 2011
Victor Baldizon/NBAE/Getty ImagesIt's essentially a two-horse race between the Celtics and Heat for the No. 2 seed in the East.
With the No. 1 seed all but locked up by the Chicago Bulls, John Hollinger examines the race between Boston and Miami for the No. 2 seed:

We were duped by Boston's second-half struggles a year ago, so we'll grab a few salt packets with this information, but the league's long-term history bears repeating: Coasting into the postseason hoping to "flip the switch" is a poor formula for playoff success.

Still, both Miami and Boston have a card left in their pockets that the Bulls do not: For both, the redistribution of playoff minutes from scrubs to starters should make them more potent foes than in the regular season. In Miami's case, this is abundantly obvious, as the Heat's top-heavy roster has been one of the season's most heavily discussed phenomena.

Boston? Arguably, the Celtics could benefit nearly as much. Consider this chart from What you're seeing is Boston's plus-minus with various units on the court. At the top, notice that their most common units feature their four All-Stars with any warm-bodied big man; you'll see that regardless of whether it's Glen Davis, Nenad Krstic, Jeff Green, Jermaine O'Neal, Shaquille O'Neal or Ed O'Neill, the Celtics dramatically outscore the opposition with that group. Meanwhile, some commonly used Boston regular-season units that were trampled -- like "Robinson-Wafer-Daniels-Davis-Erden", for instance -- won't be seeing daylight this postseason.

All of which offers reasons for optimism for fans of each. Yet the big-picture takeaway from the Eastern Conference regular season is that both clubs may have too many fundamental flaws to beat the likes of the Bulls and Lakers in the postseason.

Insider: Can C's survive Rondo's slump?

March, 28, 2011
Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty ImagesRajon Rondo has always looked to get points at the rim, but even that avenue has been diminished.
Each Monday throughout the NBA season, ESPN Insider will investigate the latest trends in the NBA. Basketball Prospectus' Kevin Pelton is keeping an eye on all the numbers and will have a first look at how players, teams and the league as a whole are evolving. Here's a glimpse as he tackled Rajon Rondo's shooting slump in this week's edition:

As the Celtics prepare for the playoffs, their biggest concern has to be the performance of their point guard. Rajon Rondo, so crucial to Boston's offense, has struggled in March, contributing to a 5-5 stretch over the last 10 games. It is difficult to overstate just how much Rondo's shooting has been off lately. In terms of five-game averages, every combination of Rondo's past eight games has been worse -- often substantially so -- than any stretch over the season's first four and a half months.

Insider GraphicSince Game 50, Rondo's shooting has taken a dive.
The notion that Rondo has been a different player since the Celtics traded his close friend Kendrick Perkins is an appealing storyline, but not one that is supported by the numbers. Rondo played well going into March, including a 16-point, 15-assist effort against the Phoenix Suns on March 2. The reality is, Rondo's shooting woes truly surfaced on March 13, when he missed five of his six attempts. Since then, Rondo's field goal percentage is a dismal 29.2 percent.

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Insider: Examining the streaks

December, 14, 2010
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty ImagesKevin Garnett and LeBron James have both led their Eastern Conference powers on long win streaks.'s John Hollinger examines the three extended winning streaks Insider in the East and how impressive they are at this point. Here's the blurb on the Celtics:
Based on recent history, the Celtics' win streak will end in Indiana on Dec. 28. I say this not out of any great affinity for the Pacers but because of Boston's amazing pre-Christmas track record in the Kevin Garnett era and its rather ordinary post-Christmas performance.

In the four seasons since Garnett arrived, the Celtics are a ridiculous 91-15 (.858) in games on or before Christmas but a more pedestrian 106-57 (.650) afterward. Last season was their most extreme yet, as they ran their record to 23-5 after an impressive Christmas Day win in Orlando before limping home at 27-27.

The current win streak has been impressive. The Celtics began it with a 23-point beating of the Hawks in Atlanta -- a team that swept them 4-0 in last season's series -- and added double-digit wins at home over Denver and Chicago and a 31-point smackdown of Charlotte. Although there were a couple of narrow skate-bys -- at home against Portland and on the road in Philadelphia -- the Celtics' scoring margin has been plus-14.6 points per game. However, it has come against a fairly easy slate -- their opposition has a record of 101-127 (.443) when not playing Boston.

Like Miami, Boston has a schedule that could allow its streak to extend for quite a while. The Celtics have a back-to-back against New York and Atlanta this week -- not easy, but survivable -- and will visit Orlando on Christmas. If they get through those games, and if we put their post-Christmas history aside, their next tough test would be Jan. 5 in Boston against the Spurs. By then they'd be carrying a 20-game winning streak.

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Jared Sullinger
14.2 2.2 0.7 28.7
ReboundsJ. Sullinger 8.2
AssistsE. Turner 4.4
StealsM. Smart 1.1
BlocksK. Olynyk 0.7