Jockeying for position: Final week

As we enter the final week of the NBA season, the Eastern Conference playoff picture is slowly coming into focus. While the possibility still exists for three different opponents -- Atlanta, Orlando, and Indiana -- the odds are heavy on the Hawks and the only real interesting area to watch this week will be whether Atlanta can hang onto its current grasp on home-court advantage in that 4-5 matchup.

The Hawks, winners of three in a row, still have a small chance to shuffle up to the No. 3 seed, but need an awful lot to go their way (sitting 2½ games behind the Pacers at the moment). Orlando's overtime loss Saturday night might have ended any hope of them shuffling up to the No. 5 seed (sitting 2 games back of Atlanta). The Hawks are a 1½ games ahead of Boston in terms of overall record, which will be the deciding factor in home-court advantage (Boston does own the head-to-head tie-breaker in the event of matching records).

A glance at the standings through Saturday's action:


The remaining schedules for the key players:

Boston: Heat (4/24), Bucks (4/26)

Atlanta: Knicks (4/22), Clippers (4/24), Mavericks (4/26)

Orlando: at Nuggets (4/22), Bobcats (4/25), at Memphis (4/26)

Indiana: Pistons (4/23), Bulls (4/25)