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KG's blog: What's up China?

June, 23, 2011

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett is back in blogging mode and delivered a quick update on his ANTA shoe blog, mostly to alert fans in China of his trip there later this summer:
What's up CHINA? Having a great summer right now. Wish the season ended better, but making the best of my time. Been Relax'n and catching up with some things that I don't get to do during the season. Getting ready to get back to the "lab" and get my body right! Thinking about getting everything set up for my trip back to China! Man can't Wait! Sitting at the crib listen'n to my man Damani's album "On Vacation from Vacation" ...

Thanks for the support and catch up with you all soon. Maybe by blog or when I'm in China! Geeked for the trip!

All the best and Reach Higher, KG.

KG's blog: 'Back to the lab'

May, 16, 2011

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett checks in with a new entry on his ANTA blog after Boston was eliminated from the postseason by the Miami Heat:
As you know, we were knocked out of the playoffs by Miami. It's unfortunate that we are out and in my mind didn't reach our potential. Taking the last couple of days to think about things and the season was long. Their were ups and downs all season and dealing with teammates, leaving teammates, gaining teammates. Long hours, flights, practices, workouts, etc... Another season under my belt, but not satisfying. I'll be getting back to the "lab" (workouts and court work) to work on my craft, so I can keep improving. I will be working on my skills and constantly trying to get better.

Quick shout out to my man Shaq, who is the best. He worked hard all season, but couldn't get his Achilles right.

Amazing to think that I was playing with so many potential HOF (hall of famers). I will remember these times, on and off the court. This will be a memorable season!!!

Thank you all so much for your constant support and encouragement throughout the season. Hanging in with us through the ups and downs of the season. Your support gets me through and pushes me to be better. I will be back in China sometime in July or August, so stay tuned. I met so many of you all last summer, that it will be exciting to meet more.

Keep reaching higher and thanks to all my supporters.

My 2011 season is officially over.

Word, KG

KG's blog: 'Had to have that one'

May, 10, 2011

On the heels of maybe his worst playoff performance in a Boston uniform, Celtics forward Kevin Garnett took to his ANTA blog for a short post expressing frustration at falling in overtime to the Miami Heat in Monday's Game 4.
We didn't finish strong. Lost and now [we're] down 3-1. Guys battled, but [made] mental errors. Had to have that one. Now we gotta have the rest of these. Heading to Miami in the [morning]. Tough loss. Real tough loss. Gotta win 3 now. All the pressure is on now.

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett checked in with another entry on his ANTA shoe blog following Saturday's Game 3 win over the Miami Heat. Here's the entry:
Fight night tonight! Big game tonight and props to my boy #9 [Rajon Rondo] fighting back from injury. Team was in sync and ball moved well. We got big stops when we needed it. P2 [Paul Pierce] fought through cramps tonight, so props to him as well. Thanks to ZICO for getting me through the 4th quarter! No cramps and felt good.

Having the big Shamrock with us was big and everyone played a role! If you watched the game, you got a flash of what we got left. Felt good and had on the new Anta's!!!!

Keep believing in us and Reach higher.

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett describes a 'long flight' back to Boston after Tuesday's Game 2 loss and the chatter about trying to turn around an Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Miami Heat. Here's the short entry on his ANTA blog:
So we're down 2 and not much to say. Fighting hard and guys are beat up. Not happy with our games and we gotta figure it out! We need to be a team and quick. They've been more aggressive and we gotta start attacking in all areas! Long flight back, so tons of discussion about what we gotta do! Heading back to our place on Saturday, so we know the Garden with be rocking!!!!!

KG's blog: 'Practices have been intense'

April, 30, 2011
ANTA/Kevin Garnett's BlogKevin Garnett included this photo in his latest post.
Celtics forward Kevin Garnett checks in with a short entry on his ANTA blog in advance of the Celtics-Heat series. Writes Garnett: "Working hard to keep everything ready to go. We know we got the Heat on Sunday, so practice and workouts. Crazy that we've had a week off before we play again. Good for the guy's bodies. Got my [gold] ANTAs on and getting my core work in."

Later he notes, "Practices have been intense and full of information. Working on team execution, Miami's offense, and what we are gonna do. Leave tomorrow and play Sunday at 3:30pm. It's important that we set the tone, so come Sunday, we'll see."

KG's blog: 'We're moving on!'

April, 26, 2011

A day after sweeping the New York Knicks out of the playoffs, Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett blogged about Game 4 and his excitement with moving on to the next round.

Writes Garnett: "We needed to get this game, so we could have a couple of days to get our rest! With Miami losing, we don't play until at least Sunday. Doc gave us 2 days off, so practice on Wednesday! Lots of treatment, recovery and catching up with video games."

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KG's blog: 'Kev, do what you do'

April, 20, 2011

Blogging machine Kevin Garnett checked in with another entry on his ANTA shoe blog Wednesday, offering thoughts on his role in Boston's Game 2 win over the New York Knicks and finishing second in the Defensive Player of the Year balloting behind Orlando's Dwight Howard.

On scoring the pivotal basket in Tuesday's 96-93 triumph, Garnett writes, "[Celtics coach] Doc [Rivers] said, 'Get the ball to KG on the post, and Kev, do what you do.'" Garnett adds, "Glad I could do my part and felt good to hold home court. That's all we did though, hold home court. We gotta come out firing next game."

On the Defensive Player of the Year balloting, Garnett writes: "Just heard that I was voted second. Didn't even think about it this year, but nice to see that the hard work our team does gets recognized. Every day is a defensive day for me."

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KG's blog: 'Had to bring my hard hat'

April, 18, 2011

Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett checked in with another entry on his ANTA shoe blog following Sunday's Game 1 win over the New York Knicks. The post includes Garnett's thoughts on Boston's rally, including his role in the two key offensive plays at the end of the game.

Writes Garnett, "We did what we were supposed to (win at home), but still felt good to come back and lock up the win."

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KG's blog: 'Regular season is over'

April, 17, 2011

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett offers some pre-playoff thoughts in his latest ANTA shoe blog:
Regular season is OVER! Now it's time to grit and grind. The "season" now begins. We got the knicks, so we know what we're getting. Game's gonna be up and down because they run, run, run. My boy Chauncey will be in town, so gotta get him. Don't want to hear it from him.

Last two days of practice have been good. Guys are focused and team is working hard at getting "right". Shaq Diesel is working hard, but can't play tonight. Thoughts with him. Got my new Playoff shoes and am Geeked about them. Will post some photos later, so ya'll can see them. Just finished our shoot around (go through our schemes) and gonna head home to eat and nap.

Tonight's game is big! Chicago almost lost last night, so we want to jump on the Knicks early.

Watch the games, Cheer for the C's and think someday you can do this for a living:)

Reach Higher


KG's blog: 'Fight for our lives'

April, 13, 2011

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett checks in with his latest ANTA blog, recapping back-to-back losses to Miami and Washington, while offering thoughts on Jermaine O'Neal's flagrant foul on LeBron James (calling it a, "a clean hard foul, which caused some issues,") and Boston's need to increase its sense of urgency ("We gotta fight for our lives.")

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KG's blog: 'We need to work harder'

April, 9, 2011

In his latest entry for his ANTA blog, Celtics forward Kevin Garnett tackles a bittersweet return to Chicago, from an emotional promotional visit Wednesday night, to getting trampled by the Bulls on Thursday.

Writes Garnett: "We got our BUTTS kicked and we need to work harder. The second half, we didn’t have the right spirit [vs. the Bulls]... Big game on Sunday, so we’ll see what happens."

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Celtics forward Kevin Garnett filed another entry to his ANTA blog after Tuesday's win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Two key thoughts from Garnett:
* "We have to treat each game like it’s the most important or teams are going to kick the crap out of us."

* "Good win for us and heading to Chitown to see DRose and old coach Tibs. What to give a shout out to Shaq as he’s trying his hardest to get back to us! Keep pushing!"

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KG's blog: 'We gotta finish strong'

April, 5, 2011

Writing on his ANTA shoe blog, Celtics forward Kevin Garnett checks in with thoughts on Boston's recent play and the latest injury to Shaquille O'Neal.

Writes the exclamation point-happy Garnett on Shaq: "[O'Neal] was killin[g] it, then he pulled up! Damn, hurt again! That sucks! Keep rooting for him to get right!" KG adds, "We gotta finish strong, so we can get right for the playoffs."

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KG: 'Losing at home can't happen'

March, 27, 2011

Short and sweet from Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett in his latest ANTA blog entry following Friday's loss to the Charlotte Bobcats:
Don't know what to say. Team needs to get it together soon! Playoffs are coming and we've lost a few. I know that I've moved up the scoring list, but I'd rather win a championship. Losing at home can't happen! Got into Minnesota [Saturday] and play [Sunday]. So many years here in Sota. See how it goes [Sunday].



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