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Podcast: NBA Lockdown

June, 4, 2014
Israel Gutierrez delves into the keys to victory in the NBA Finals with Michael Wallace and Jason Minnix. Plus, Chris Forsberg on the possibility of Kevin Love to the Celtics.

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Kevin Love

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens joined The Mike Lupica Show on ESPN New York on Friday for a lengthy segment on Friday with plenty of Eastern Conference playoff chatter.

The segment did open with Stevens reflecting on the 2013-14 season and enduring 57 losses.

"[Losing] is really hard, there’s no doubt about it," said Stevens. "Our guys competed to the end, our guys prepared to the end, I thought our staff worked with them hard to help continue to develop them, also help to prepare them for each and every last game. In this job, what you do, you do your best, and you learn along the way, and you try to grow along the way. That said, a couple times towards the end of the season -- we’ve got to get better in a lot of areas.

"But I’ve got a long list of things that I’d like to do better myself and I think that’s something that you do regardless, if you lost a lot of games like we did, or if you had a great run and you came up a little short like we did at Butler multiple times. You always do an end-of-the-season self assessment and take time, when you step back and get away from the night-in and night-out grind of the season to really analyze it. The last couple weeks, that’s what I’ve done. I’m obviously eager for Sept. 30 to hit again, because I really feel like I can do a lot of things a lot better."

Stevens also looked back on simply being the outside-the-box selection to helm Boston after Doc Rivers' departure last summer, and the pressure of playing in a championship-driven city.

"There are very few opportunities like the Boston Celtics that present themselves," said Stevens. "After the initial shock, it was, 'OK, I need to really think and analyze and go through this.' I knew that, looking at this year, I was called in the midst of the [Kevin] Garnett and [Paul] Pierce trade, so I knew those guys weren’t going to be around, I knew this was going to be a very young team, I knew we had a lot of moving parts with regards to the fact that we had four guys coming from Brooklyn that had never played with the six or seven returning guys, and we had three or four new rookies. I knew it was something we were going to have to work with and it was potentially going to take some time.

"But at the same time, it was the Boston Celtics. And I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been with the organization , with the people at the top of the organization, the ownership, Danny [Ainge] and his staff, and our fans have been unbelievable. Our last few home games of the year, we're not even in the playoff race, and it was sold out and loud and rocking and really amazing. And as I watch now, the Bruins playing in the playoffs, and I got a chance to be here for a Red Sox World Series championship already, and a Patriots AFC championship appearance -- you just feel giddy about what living one of those experiences here in Boston."

Stevens also talks about the Pacers' Round 1 struggles, the Raptors pushing Brooklyn to the brink, an early exit for the Bulls, and the success of the Spurs.

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Podcast: Wrapping up C's season

April, 21, 2014
ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg admits he might be drinking the Green Kool-Aid, but even after enduring a rocky transition season, the Boston Celtics are positioned well to bounce back strong. Listen as he recaps the 2013-14 season, and looks to the future, with WEEI's Chris Villani.

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Stevens on struggles, schedule

March, 27, 2014
Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens said that despite the struggles his team has endured this season, the commitment of the players on his roster hasn't wavered and he stressed that's played a big part in helping his team remain competitive while navigating this transition season.

"It doesn't surprise me because of the people we have on the roster," Stevens said Thursday while appearing on ESPN Radio's SVP & Russillo. "Our character on this roster is really good. Then when you look at guys that don't play as much, when they come into the game, how they support each other on the bench, I'd put our guys up against anybody. They are in it together. We've got a guy Gerald Wallace, who is now out for the season and he's around our guys every chance he gets. He's at the games -- he doesn't travel because we need him to stay here to do his rehab after ankle and knee surgery a couple weeks ago -- but we've got a nice dynamic there. We just have to get better, there's no two ways around it -- 23-48 is not good enough. It's not good enough for anybody here. And it's not on any one person, it's on each and every one of us. But the commitment to doing so and the commitment to playing together, I have not questioned."

With 71 games in the rearview mirror, Stevens was asked if he's had a moment where the pace of the NBA schedule has caught up with him.

"It's funny, a couple of weeks ago somebody said, 'Hey, the regular season is only 20 more games,' and I was thinking, 'Man, that' not a lot.' But that's 2/3 of a college season and that's going to be crammed into six weeks. It has not hit me, or at least I don't know if it's hit me, you know how you're kinda grinding on adrenaline? Shoot, we play Toronto last night; we have to get on a plane and fly up there, we gotta play them again [Friday] night. We play the Bulls back-to-back on Sunday and Monday. Boy, you start feeling sorry for yourself, you start thinking you're tired, you're not going to very good at this. It's such a great challenge, night in, night out, that there's no time to be tired."

Stevens also talked about this year's NCAA tournament and how success in March can change the lives of young coaches.

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Podcast: Gotham on The Herd

February, 7, 2013

Celtics president Rich Gotham comments on the impact of Rajon Rondo's absence, the futures of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, Boston's matchup with the Lakers, and more on The Herd.

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Podcast: Gotham talks C's on Herd

November, 6, 2012
Darren McCollester/NBAE/GettyCeltics president Rich Gotham.
Celtics team president Rich Gotham phoned into The Herd on Tuesday to talk about Boston's slow start, chasing the champion Heat, and the "nuclear reactor" that is Kevin Garnett. Hop HERE to listen to the podcast and check out some highlights below:

On Garnett's on-court intensity: "I think he defines the culture. His intensity is unwavering at all times, and whether it’s on the court at practice or on the bus on the way to the arena, he’s the guy who’s setting the tone. I often joke: KG doesn't sleep, I think he just waits for daylight, like Chuck Norris. He just burns. And he’s got that burning intensity, and it keeps everyone else on edge. I say that in a good way. People don’t think they can let up when KG is in the vicinity and I think that’s a good thing for your team. It’s sorta like a nuclear reactor -- he gives you the fuel and his energy is amazing to see. He’s just got around-the-clock energy, he never seems to let down."

On seeing Ray Allen in a Heat uniform: "It was surreal watching [him hit 3-pointers for the Heat], honestly, you’re so used to seeing that for us. As much as I like Ray, he was a good person while he was here, I was not happy to see him knocking down those shots. Life goes on, we landed on our feet; We got the JET, Jason Terry, and Courtney Lee, so we feel good about those guys. It’s just going to take a little time to get those integrated to what we’re doing.

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Podcast: Forsberg on ESPN Boston Radio

July, 20, 2012

Chris Forsberg phoned into ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones to chat about the acquisition of Courtney Lee, Boston's offseason haul thus far, and what's left on the to-do list of president of basketball operations Danny Ainge.

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Podcast: Forsberg on ESPN Boston Radio

July, 12, 2012

Chris Forsberg phoned into ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones Drew Brooks to talk Celtics summer league, what we've seen from the likes of Fab Melo and E'Twaun Moore, and, yes, maybe just a tiny bit of chatter about Ray Allen's introduction in Miami (before burying the subject for good). All that plus a look at what's left for the Celtics' offseason checklist.

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Podcast: Forsberg on ESPN Boston Radio

July, 5, 2012

Chris Forsberg phoned into ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones to talk the Jason Terry signing, Ray Allen's future, and everything else related to the Boston Celtics and free agency.

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Podcast: Forsberg on ESPN Boston Radio

July, 2, 2012

After the Boston Celtics introduced their three rookies during a community event Monday morning in Allston, Chris Forsberg phoned into ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones to chat about the new additions and about the more familiar faces that may or may not be back next season.

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Podcast: Forsberg on ESPN Boston Radio

June, 29, 2012

Chris Forsberg phoned into ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones to talk about Thursday's NBA Draft and the Boston Celtics' haul that included big men Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo.

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Podcast: Forsberg on ESPN Boston Radio

June, 22, 2012

Chris Forsberg phones into ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones to talk about LeBron James and the Miami Heat winning a world title, Kevin Garnett's uncertain future, and free drinks on Friday at the Chill Zone at Cumberland Farms.

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Forsberg on ESPN Boston Radio

June, 11, 2012

Chris Forsberg phones into ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones to recap Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals and look ahead to an uncertain summer for the Boston Celtics (along the way the guys say hello to some friends in New Hampshire and debate a live broadcast from Hampton Beach -- hey, it's the offseason!).

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Podcast: C's talk on Mike & Mike

June, 6, 2012

Celtics analyst Cedric Maxwell breaks down Boston's win at Miami in Game 5, Doc Rivers' coaching performance, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh, Rajon Rondo and more.

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Podcast: Forsberg on ESPN Boston Radio

June, 4, 2012

Chris Forsberg phones into ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones to recap Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals, talk favorite candy while breaking down film (JujyFruits, of course), and what lies ahead in this series.

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Isaiah Thomas
22.3 6.0 1.0 27.8
ReboundsJ. Sullinger 8.1
AssistsI. Thomas 6.0
StealsM. Smart 1.2
BlocksT. Zeller 0.7