When will Colombo's record fall?

With No. 1 Everett hours away from its first Greater Boston League matchup tonight with visiting Medford, and Crimson Tide quarterback Jonathan DiBiaso just three touchdown passes away from tying the state all-time record of 85 set by Brockton's Tom Colombo, it's only a matter of time before a new mark is set.

We paneled several folks at ESPNHS and ESPN Boston for their opinion on when the record will fall.

Scott Barboza, ESPN Boston High Schools Editor

Nov. 4 at Somerville

"Not that I don't think it could happen this week, but I'm going to go with next week at Somerville, just because of the way Vondell Langston is running the ball right now, I think there's the opportunity for more scores to come on the ground. Then again, this week at home would be the perfect setting for the big occasion."

Brendan Hall, ESPN Boston High Schools Editor

Nov. 4 at Somerville

"We've got bad weather on the horizon, and as much as I think they want to make this happen at Memorial Stadium, I think that will the change the course of plans. Three touchdowns tonight, but not four. Plus, I heard this crazy rumor that Rico Dello Iacono might show a Cover 11 against his old boss."

Corey J. Allen, ESPN Boston correspondent

Tonight vs. Medford

"Jonathan DiBiaso will break the passing touchdown record in the second quarter in game against Medford on October 28th. Medford is struggling this season and DiBiaso and his receivers are sychronizing patterns and throws more effectively every week. Coming off of a high scoring effort against BC High, the Eagles will continue to open up their playbook to work out kinks with the playoffs on the horizon."

Mike Grimala, ESPNHS associate editor

Tonight vs. Medford

"It sounds simple, but I think there’s something to be said for breaking the record at home. It’s a huge accomplishment, and Everett fans have been watching DiBiaso’s entire career unfold since the beginning. Coach Dibs probably realizes the next two games after this week are road contests, so I fully expect an aerial outburst against Medford. DiBiaso will break the record on Friday or exhaust his arm trying."

Adam Kurkjian, ESPN Boston correspondent

Tonight vs. Medford

"While Medford's actually been fairly stingy on defense for a 1-5 team and held Brandon Walsh to zero touchdown passes in its loss to North Andover, Everett and DiBiaso are a different animal. The game is in Everett with the next two coming on the road and it would probably mean a lot more to both Jonathan, his teammates and the community at large if he set the record at home. Expect that record to fall Friday night and give way to the state's first-ever triple-digit TD passer watch."