Dembowski apologizes for critical comments

Swampscott High head football coach Steve Dembowski released a statement apologizing to the Boston area media regarding some critical comments he made following yesterday's 21-13 win over Beverly.

Dembowski was referring to a hit that Beverly linebacker Dan Brown made on Richard Sullivan on a swing pass late in the second quarter, which resulted in an incompletion. Sullivan was slow to get up, but returned to the game.

After the game, when asked about a trick play that gave the Big Blue the lead for good, Dembowski told several newspapers, "I wanted to score, I was mad. I thought that was a dirty play, I thought the way it was celebrated was disgusting, and the lack of a call...that was terrible.’"

He issued the following statement:

After our game verse Beverly Saturday, I was asked about a sequence of plays which began with Beverly’s Dan Brown delivering a big hit on Richard Sullivan during a 3rd and three pass from our 43 yard line yard. Sullivan was trying to catch a bubble screen and I thought that he was in a defenseless position when Brown tackled him. Brown’s head struck Sullivan’s head, but it was a perfect form tackle otherwise and in my cases would never be a penalty. In my opinion I thought otherwise but no penalty was called and Sullivan was shaken up on the play.

In my post game comments about the sequence of plays starting with the hit I used some words that were not appropriate calling it a “dirty play” and calling the celebration “disgusting” which was unfair to the Beverly football program. Coach Bauer and his staff are some of the best around and they settled the players down quickly while Sullivan was down.

I have already apologized to Dan Bauer as my emotions got the best of me and I didn’t intend any disrespect to Dan Brown, Dan Bauer or the Beverly Football program. Coach Bauer runs a great program and is an excellent football coach. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and enough experience that I should have selected my words more carefully.