4th annual Larracey Flag Football tournament

The fourth annual Joey Larracey Flag Football Tournament will be going down at Holliston High School this Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The annual benefit is done in honor the late Joey Larracey, who collapsed and died during a preseason scrimmage in 2008.

Below are the details of the tournament, as outlined in the tournament's Facebook page. All inquiries can be made to christopher.vanesian@salve.edu:

This year, on November 11th, there will be the 4th flag football tournament held in Joey's memory. Last year, Ashley, Emmy, Obid and I raised $1700 with the help of everyone who played in the tournament and/or helped make sure everything ran smoothly during the tournament. The tournament was a huge success and helped keep Joey's memory alive throughout the school and community. Like last year, there will be a middle school leagu...e again, so pass on the word to any neighbors, siblings, or other middle schoolers to get the word out for us. Cost will be $60 per team, no matter how many people are on the team. Teams will be 6-9 people so 6 people will play on the field and you can have up to 3 subs.


6-9 people


6 players on the field at a time


First round games will be either be timed or first to a score.

2 completions = first down

Play smart and don't hurt anyone, it is FLAG football

Games are self-governed, so be reasonable and make your own calls