Obukwelu: 'Hungry for this win'

BC High's Obum Obukwelu checks in with his third Player Diary installment. The Eagles travel to Falmouth on Friday to avenge last season's 22-20 upset by the Clippers at Viola Stadium.

L. 22-20. Stopped short on a two-point conversion…at the half-yard line.

Revenge. Honestly, that’s all I’m thinking about right now. Since last year, when we suffered that loss, I’ve been patiently waiting for this rematch. But it’s finally here now, so we’ll see what happens with it. As in all situations, the better team will win.

Don’t get me wrong though, Falmouth is a good team. But with the heart of a true competitor pumping inside my chest, I’m hungry for this win. The whole team’s hungry for it. The coaches and the entire school are hungry for it, even last year’s BC High seniors. I’m talking hungry like a pack of lions on a hunt, and we’ve been starving for a year now. Believe me when I say this: When we find our prey, we’ll relentlessly bounce on it…and fast.

This whole week at practice the team’s morale has been great, extremely high. We live for those games under the Friday night lights, but a game like this reminds us exactly why we strap up those shoulder pads each day. It reminds us why we wear the maroon stripe and the "JC" (BC High's former long-time head coach, the late Jim Cotter) sticker on our helmets. It reminds us why we all signed up to play football for BC High.

In case you haven’t realized, my Eagles and I are going down to the Cape with a vengeance. Friday night’s all about getting the job done, and we’re determined to do just that.