Big vote of confidence for 'Elite Eight' proposal

This past weekend at the Massachusetts Baseball Coaches' Association convention in Westborough, coaches voted 75-1 in favor of the MIAA's Baseball Tournament Committee and MBCA's executive board getting together to greate an "Elite Eight" baseball tournament proposal for the 2014 season, similar to the "Super 8" format currently used for the MIAA's highest division of hockey.

The proposal is the brainchild of Lincoln-Sudbury coach Kirk Fredericks, which we outlined last week on ESPNBoston.com, and this weekend's vote marks a significant foot forward in making his proposal a reality.

Catholic Memorial Athletic Director Alex Campea, who chairs the MIAA's Baseball Tournament Committee, has publicly expressed support of Fredericks' plan, but wanted to see how coaches statewide would receive it before creating a subcommittee MIAA and MBCA officials to work on the plan. The "Elite Eight" plan will almost certainly be on the agenda when the Baseball Tournament Committee meets this spring.

Campea told ESPNBoston.com this afternoon, "Absolutely, I am in favor of it."

"What it does is create excitement, energy, that can really bring baseball back to the foreforont," Campea said. "All the sports are great, but sometimes baseball...the emergence of other spring sports, they're great, but this is an opportunity for baseball to have more."

You can view Fredericks' seven-page proposal in its entirety here.