Top prospect Noel headed back to Everett?

A school source confirmed to ESPNBoston.com an earlier report from the Boston Herald that Tilton (N.H.) center Nerlens Noel was at Everett High School on Monday, meeting with the guidance department.

Noel made waves across the country last Wednesday night when he told ESPN’s Dave Telep he would be re-classifying from the Class of 2013 to 2012 in an effort to play college basketball next season. He is now ranked the nation’s No. 1 overall senior.

After his sophomore season at Everett, Noel transferred to the Tilton, N.H. campus and repeated his sophomore year, making this his fourth year of high school. Since he revealed his intentions last week, speculation has grown as to whether Noel would finish up at Tilton, or attempt to receive his diploma elsewhere.

The source said Noel was likely there to confirm his freshman and sophomore year credits with the registrar.

The source also indicated Noel proceeded to sign autographs for students in the hallways.