Louis-Jean: 'Uptempo' week of practice

Brockton senior Albert Louis-Jean checks in this week with his second Player Diary installment. The No. 3 Boxers host Central Mass power Fitchburg tomorrow night, at Marciano Stadium.

Things have gone well since our heartbreaking loss to Xaverian two weeks ago. We weren’t really mad after the game as much as we knew we had them beat, and made some turnovers down the stretch to let them get away. But after a loss like that, it was important that we get back on the right track, we just had to work hard in practice that week. I was a little down myself, because I knew we were a better team than the one that got beat, but we will see them again.

Today, we didn’t go out and practice, because it was raining bad. Yesterday, we had a real good practice, everything was uptempo. We’re confident going into this game, just as we are confident going into every game. At the same time, it’s important for us to stay level-headed going into a game.

From what we’ve seen on film, Fitchburg likes to spread it out and run the option. One player they really look to get the ball to a lot, that’s pretty good, is Quinton Perkins. I covered him my sophomore year (Note: Perkins did not play last season), he’s a real good competitior. Some star players come to play Brockton and get folded up, but he knows how to compete. I’ve seen him at a couple of camps, he’s real competitive.

Outside of football, there’s not really much going on. After school, I like to relax and take it easy. Oceanography and African-American history, those classes are fun and interesting. But other than that, I mostly stay in the house and watch my younger siblings.

I have several young siblings I watch over: Alyson, my three-year-old sister; Aaron, my two-year-old brother; Alex, my one-year-old brother; and Allen, who was just born in August. It’s fun to see them grow up, and the times I get to play with them have been really fun.

The things they say to you are pretty funny, but sometimes it’s not even the things they say that make you laugh. They’ll be in a certain situation and say something to you that you didn’t think they were capable of, that you didn’t think they were smart enough to say.

Seems that the Louis-Jean family has some brains.