First annual 'Wally' Seaver Invitational schedule


Milford resident Paul Seaver sends along information regarding the first annual Paul "Wally" Seaver Invitational, a 16-team basketball tournament named for his father and in support of his ongoing fight with ALS.

Wally spent over 20 years coaching basketball at both the high school and youth levels in Milford, Wellesley, and Franklin. In February of 2011, he was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

The 16-team, two-day tournament is comprised of high school squads and will take place at both Milford High School and Milford Middle School East on July 21-22.

Proceeds from the event go towards the fight against ALS. Below are the pool play groupings ancd schedule for the tournament:

Group A (all games at Milford High School):



Rocky Hill (Conn.)


Group B (all games at Middle School East):





Group C (all games at Milford High School):




Mount St. Charles (R.I.)

Group D (all games at Middle School East):





Saturday, July 21:

8 a.m.: Franklin vs. Uxbridge (Milford High School)

8 a.m.: Sutton vs. Ashland (Middle School East)

9 a.m.: Milford vs. Dedham (Milford High School)

9 a.m.: Wellesley vs. Lunenburg (Middle School East)

10 a.m.: Rocky Hill vs. Hopedale (Milford High School)

10 a.m.: BMR vs. Wachusett (Middle School East)

11 a.m.: Franklin vs. Framingham (Milford High School)

11 a.m.: Lunenburg vs. Ashland (Middle School East)

Noon: Rocky Hill vs. Dedham (Milford High School)

Noon: Canton vs. Brookline (Middle School East)

1 p.m.: Framingham vs. Mount St. Charles (Milford High School)

1 p.m.: Wellesley vs. Sutton (Middle School East)

2 p.m.: Milford vs. Hopedale (Milford High School)

2 p.m.: Wachusett vs. Canton (Middle School East)

3 p.m.: Uxbridge vs. Mount St. Charles (Milford High School)

3 p.m.: Brookline vs. BMR (Middle School East)

Sunday, July 22:

8 a.m.: Franklin vs. Mount St. Charles (Milford High School)

8 a.m.: Wellesley vs. Ashland (Middle School East)

9 a.m.: Framingham vs. Uxbridge (Milford High School)

9 a.m.: BMR vs. Canton (Middle School East)

10 a.m.: Milford vs. Rocky Hill (Milford High School)

10 a.m.: Wachusett vs. Brookline (Middle School East)

11 a.m.: Hopedale vs. Dedham (Milford High School)

11 a.m.: Lunenburg vs. Sutton (Middle School East)

Semifinal Round (must win Group to advance to round):

12:30 p.m.: Group A Champion vs. Group C Champion (Milford High School)

12:30 p.m.: Group B Champion vs. Group D Champion (Middle School East)

Championship Round:

2:15PM: Winner of Group A/Group C vs. Winner of Group B/Group D