Sherman: 'Definitely a lot of support' from Mass.

Arizona Cardinals fullback and North Attleborough native Anthony Sherman spoke with the Boston area media today on a conference call in advance of the Patriots' visit Sunday from the the 1-0 Cards.

Sherman was Massachusetts' Gatorade Player of the Year in 2006 as a senior at North Attleborough High School, and was a four-year starter at fullback for UConn from 2007-10. He was drafted by the Cardinals in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, and is currently the team's special teams captain.

Courtesy of the Patriots' media relations staff, here are some snippets from today's conference call with the media, as they pertain to his local roots a short trip down the road from Gillette Stadium.

Q: How many tickets do you have to get?

AS: 31.

Q: That’s not bad.

AS: A lot of people bought their own tickets though.

Q: Do you think they will bring their old North Attleboro uniforms instead of Cardinals ones?

AS: No, I actually think they’re bringing their Cardinals jerseys.

Q: It’s your second year now. Is there anything special about coming back to this stadium for the first time as a pro?

AS: Yeah, I definitely think so. I’ll have a lot of family and friends there at the game. The way I’m looking at it is it’s going to be another road game against a great team.

Q: Do you get any feedback from people back home in support?

AS: Absolutely. I know a lot of people go to Fitzy’s Pub in North Attleboro and they watch the game together as a big group on NFL Sunday Ticket. I know people who get NFL RedZone watch us when we’re on RedZone so definitely a lot of support from Massachusetts and Connecticut.