OTL shines spotlight on Boston English

OTL: Lowering GPA Standards (7:56)

Some high school districts across the country are lowering minimum GPA requirements for student-athletes in an effort to keep them on the field and in the classroom. (7:56)

On Sunday’s edition of ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”, reporter Paula Lavigne looked into the new academic standard being enforced for athletes at Boston English High School this academic year (video above).

Previously, English students had to maintain a 2.5 GPA to participate in athletic activities. This year, the school dropped its standard, reverting to the school district’s prescribed 1.67 GPA, in other words what equates to a C-minus average. English head master Luisa B. Noriega-Murphy made the adjustment to keep more athletes in English’s programs and off the streets, but critics of the move had questioned what message the adjustments sends to students.

What do you think? Is it more important to keep student athletes off the streets and involved in extracurricular, or are athletics a privilege that only should be enjoyed by those who’ve kept a high academic standard?

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