Obukwelu: 'Execution, execution, execution'

BC High's Obum Obukwelu checks in today with another Player Diary installment. The Eagles visit Xaverian on Saturday in a crucial Catholic Conference tilt.

Xaverian week, arguably one of the biggest and most important weeks of our season. Every year it’s a stalemate match, and every year it tends to determine who wins the Catholic Conference title and earns a trip to the playoffs. That being said, this week of preparation has been crucial.

Execution, execution, execution. That’s pretty much all our coaches have been preaching to us this entire week. If we execute like we’re supposed to, we can leave this game with the victory. In high school football, anything can happen, any team can win. Its only a matter of who brings their best play. And on Saturday afternoon in Westwood, that’s exactly our plan.

For myself especially, and my senior teammates, this game carries a great meaning. We have yet to beat Xaverian as a class. From freshman to junior year, each outcome of our battles against Xaverian was a loss. And this is our last chance to break this trend.

At the end of the day, you can’t ask yourself those “what if” questions. Saturday is one of those “now or never” situations. This our chance, and we plan on leaving it all on the field.