Wellesley's Superko throws no-hitter


During lunch today at school, Kevin Superko jokingly approached his Wellesley High teammate Brian McMahon, who was selling tickets to the upcoming prom, about getting his hands on a pass for free. McMahon joked back, “Maybe if you throw a no-hitter today”.

One-hundred seven pitches, nine strikeouts, four walks and zero hits later, McMahon is suddently changing his tune.

“Now he’s claiming he said perfect game,” Superko laughed.

The senior righthander tossed his first no-no of the season this afternoon in a 4-0 win over Milton, but the feat came as a surprise to himself. Superko felt he didn’t have his best stuff today. In his last start on April 16 against Medfield, a 6-4 loss, he said his arm “didn’t feel good the whole time, I was all over the place”.

Today, he says he only felt good with his comfortable with his fastball, and it showed, using the heat on roughly 75 percent of his 107 pitches. Efficient as he was on the mound, Superko says, “I got lucky”.

“He just covered the zone with a lot of fastballs,” Wellesley head coach Rob Kane said. “He was spotting real well, working guys in-out. At one point he threw 10-15 fastballs in a row, then one curve, then 10 more fastballs in a row. It was his control of the fastball that allowed him to do that today.”

So how did he do it? Credit the defense behind him for coming up with some terrific plays, though Superko had arguably the best one of the day to save his own cause. Early in the third inning, a Milton batter placed down a well-timed bunt that went about 10 feet up the third base path, hugging the line. Superko scampered off the mound and bare-handed a throw to first base, beating the base-runner by a foot.

Leftfielder Ned Holmes sealed it in the seventh with a running catch in the left-center gap, stretching out with good reach to make the play.

If the last name rings a bell, you’re not alone. His older brother Tim was arguably one of the state’s most efficient lefties a season ago, ringing up 85 strikeouts as the ace of Kane’s staff. Currently playing a post-graduate season at Philips Andover, Tim is known for his competitive demeanor on the mound and hopes to bring that intensity to Tufts University next year – a trait that has rubbed off on the younger Superko.

“He has lot of passion when he pitches,” Kevin said. “I was in Worcester this past weekend to watch him play for Philips Andover. He’s in the game the whole time, backing up his teammates, saying ‘Good play’, things like that. He has good passion, he loves the game, and he uses that to encourage teammates too. They [teammates] helped me out today like that.”