Bracketology: Central playoff picture, Week 4

ESPNBoston.com presents the latest in our weekly Bracketology series, where we map out what the MIAA playoff picture would look like if playoffs started tomorrow. A reminder before reading: the Bracketology segment DOES NOT include teams who are currently in the playoff chase, as the top eight teams in each Central Mass. divisions will qualify for the playoffs.

For a reminder about point-system calculations, here is how the totals are added up in Central Mass:

  • 12 Points for defeating a team who is two divisions higher (excluding league games)

  • 10 Points for defeating a team within your division, for defeating a team within your league (excluding league crossovers), for defeating a team outside of Central Mass, or for defeating a team either one division up or one division down

  • 8 Points for defeating a team who is two divisions lower (excluding league games)

  • 2 Points for each of your opponent’s wins (a team that you have defeated)

  • 1 Point for each of your opponent’s wins (a team that has defeated your team)

After adding up your team’s point total, divide the total number by the number of games your team has played.

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For a refresher on how the playoff system will work, check out our three-part "Taking the Field" series from the preseason HERE.

Central Division 2

1. Leominster (3-0), 14 points

T-2. Nashoba (3-0), 10.67 points

T-2. Marlboro (3-0), 10.67 points

4. St. John’s (2-1), 9 points

5. North Middlesex (2-1), 7.67 points

6. Shrewsbury (1-2), 5.33 points

7. Fitchburg (1-2), 4.67 points

8. Westboro (0-3), 2.67 points

Analysis: Leominster continues to separate themselves as one of the state’s best teams, especially after throttling a very good Shepherd Hill squad last week. Second-seeded Nashoba will see their toughest challenge of the season thus far, they’ll host St. John’s on Friday night with a great opportunity make a statement to the rest of the MIAA.

Central Division 4

1. Doherty (3-0), 14 points

2. St. Peter-Marian (3-0), 13.33 points

3. Hudson (3-0), 12.67 points

4. Shepherd Hill (2-1), 9.67 points

T-5. Tantasqua (2-1), 9 points

T-5. Grafton (2-1), 9 points

7. Quabbin (2-1), 8.33 points

8. Groton-Dunstable (1-2), 6 points

Analysis: Doherty will need to play their best football this weekend against Inter-High rival South, especially considering that the Highlanders have a date with Leominster in Worcester next Friday. Second-seeded St. Peter-Marian and third-seeded Hudson both managed to stay undefeated following close victories last week.

Central Division 5

T-1. Leicester (3-0), 11.33 points

T-1. Uxbridge (3-0), 11.33 points

3. Auburn (3-1), 9.25 points

4. Bartlett (2-1), 9 points

5. Lunenburg (2-1), 8 points

6. David Prouty (2-1), 7.33 points

T-7. Northbridge (1-2), 5.67 points

T-7. Gardner (1-2), 5.67 points

Analysis: The Tom Rodrick show was especially impressive last week against Bartlett, as he scored both of Leicester’s touchdowns in a shutout victory—third-seeded Auburn will pay a visit to the Wolverines this weekend. With David Prouty and Millbury coming up in the next two weeks on Uxbridge’s schedule, it’s very possible the Spartans could be undefeated for their October 18th showdown with Leicester…stay tuned.

Central Division 6

1. Blackstone Valley Tech (3-0), 13.33 points

2. Monty Tech (3-0), 12.67 points

3. St. Bernard’s (3-0), 12 points

T-4. Littleton (3-0), 11.33 points

T-4. Maynard (3-0), 11.33 points

T-6. Sutton (2-1), 9.67 points

T-6. West Boylston (2-1), 9.67 points

T-8. Worcester Tech (2-1) 8.33 points

T-8. Assabet Valley (2-1), 8.33 points

Analysis: Another week, another blowout victory for Blackstone Valley Tech. The Beavers take over the top spot in Division 6 Central this week following Sutton’s 35-0 loss to St. Bernard’s. Now the third seed in D6 and still undefeated, the Bernardians will play host to Nipmuc on Friday night.