Bracketology: North Playoff Picture, Week 7

ESPNBoston.com presents the latest in our weekly Bracketology series, where we map out what the MIAA playoff picture would look like if playoffs started tomorrow. A reminder before reading: the Bracketology segment DOES NOT include teams who are currently in the playoff chase, as the top EIGHT teams in North/South will qualify for the playoffs.

For a reminder about point-system calculations, here is how the totals are added up for teams in North/South:

  • 12 Points for a win over a team in a higher division

  • 10 Points for a win over a team in the same division, or a win over a team from outside the North or South (including out-of-state opponents*)

  • 8 Points for a win over a team in a lower division

  • 3 Points for every win an opponent that you have beaten has

  • 1 Point for every win an opponent that you lost to has

After adding up your team’s point total, divide the total number by the number of games your team has played.

NOTE: All automatic qualifiers are starred (*) below, but be aware that there are a few instances where automatic qualifiers couldn't be calculated. No automatic seeds were picked for the Catholic Conference (see tiebreaker link below), in the case of the North, Madison Park is not listed in the top 8 of Division 5 North, but would be in the playoffs if the playoffs started today given the fact that they hold the tiebreaker for the second City League South automatic seed. One last important point of clarification, because Winthrop and Lynn Classical haven't played each other yet, only one automatic qualifier was starred in Northeastern South: Danvers.

For a view of the MIAA league tiebreakers that came out yesterday, CLICK HERE.

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For a refresher on how the playoff system will work, check out our three-part "Taking the Field" series from the preseason HERE.

Division 1 North

1. Everett (4-1), 15.2 points*

2. Central Catholic (4-1), 13.8 points*

3. Acton Boxboro (4-1), 12.6 points*

4. St. John’s Prep (4-2), 11.17 points

5. Methuen (4-2), 10.5 points

6. Malden (4-1), 9 points*

7. Chelmsford (3-2), 8.8 points*

T-8. Lowell (3-2), 7.2 points

T-8. Peabody (2-3), 7.2 points

Analysis: Everett holds the top spot in Division 1 North after blowing out league foe Medford last weekend. Central Catholic is close behind, with a showdown against Billerica coming up on Friday night. A point of clarification, St. John’s Prep is not starred as an automatic qualifier because the Catholic Conference uses their own point rating system.

Division 2 North

1. Haverhill (4-1), 12.4 points*

2. Waltham (3-1), 12.25 points*

3. Lincoln-Sudbury (3-2), 11 points

4. Reading (3-1), 9.75 points

5. Lynn English (2-2), 9.25 points

6. Lynn Classical (2-3), 8.4 points*

7. Cambridge (2-4), 6.83 points

8. Newton South (2-3), 6.8 points

Analysis: Haverhill and Waltham are both in second place in their respective leagues, giving them automatic qualifier status going into the weekend. With Arlington and Woburn, who play each other on Friday night, as the top two seeds in Middlesex Liberty, look for Reading to capitalize and potentially slip themselves in as an automatic qualifier.

Division 3 Northeast

1. Tewksbury (5-0), 19.2 points*

2. Marblehead (5-1), 14.67 points*

3. Danvers (4-1), 13.4 points*

4. Gloucester (4-2), 12.17 points*

T-5. Beverly (2-3), 11 points

T-5. Masconomet (3-2), 11 points

7. Wilmington (2-3), 6.4 points

8. Somerville (1-4), 5 points

Analysis: Tewksbury continues to roll over whatever team may be in their path, once again holding the top seed in Division 3 Northeast. The darkhorse in this region may very well be Beverly, the Panthers are only a game out of first place in the NEC North, with games against Lynn English and Swampscott over the next two weeks.

Division 3 Northwest

1. Concord-Carlisle (5-0), 16 points*

2. Wakefield (4-1), 15 points

3. Arlington (5-0), 14.6 points*

4. Melrose (4-1), 14.4 points*

5. Woburn (5-0), 13.2 points*

6. Wayland (3-2), 9.2 points*

7. Burlington (2-3), 7.8 points

T-8. Boston Latin (2-3), 7 points

T-8. Medford (2-3), 7 points

Analysis: Concord-Carlisle will be at Westford on Friday night, with a chance to even further extend their lead in Division 3 Northwest. To clarify Melrose and Watertown getting the Middlesex League Freedom Division auto qualifier spots over Wakefield, see the link above explaining the point differential system in the case of a tiebreaker, as that’s how automatic qualifiers were picked in this case.

Division 4 North

1. Pentucket (4-0), 18.75 points*

2. Watertown (4-1), 15.4 points*

3. Lynnfield (5-0), 14 points*

4. Bedford (3-1), 11.75 points

5. Newburyport (3-2), 11.4 points*

6. Triton (3-2), 9.8 points

7. Winthrop (3-2), 8.6 points*

Analysis: Division 4 North is relatively close at the top, but the real race will be who gets the last few at-large seeds after the automatic qualifiers are decided. Triton fell to Newburyport last week, and are in desperate need of a win against North Reading in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. At this point in time, Pentucket and Newburyport get the automatic seeds out of Cape Ann Kinney, with Newburyport winning the tiebreaker over Masco.

Division 5 North

1. Bishop Fenwick (5-0), 18.8 points*

2. Austin Prep (4-1), 14.8 points*

3. Northeast Voke (5-0), 14.6 points*

4. Brighton (5-0), 13.6 points*

5. Whittier (3-2), 10.8 points

6. Lowell Catholic (3-2), 10 points

7. St. Mary’s (3-2), 9.8 points

8. East Boston (3-3), 8.83 points

Analysis: With the blowout win over Austin Prep, Bishop Fenwick now has sole possession of the top seed in Division 5 North, with an opportunity to add even more to their lead against rival St. Mary’s. It should be noted that Madison Park, at this point, holds the second automatic seed from City League North, though they are not listen in the top 8 in terms of points in Division 5 North.

Division 6 North

1. Latin Academy (6-0), 15.83 points*

2. St. Clement (3-1), 15 points*

3. O’Bryant (5-0), 14.2 points*

4. Cathedral (4-1), 13.8 points*

5. Chelsea (3-2), 11.2 points*

6. Dorchester (3-2), 11 points

7. Minuteman (4-1), 10.4 points

8. North Shore Voke (3-2), 10.2 points*

Analysis: Latin Academy continues to have a stranglehold on the top seed in Division 6 North, and given the fact that they’re in first place in City League South, all they need is a win over third-seeded O’Bryant next weekend to seal the top seed—perhaps easier said than done.