Doherty's Adarkwah, Yiadom form terror matchup duo

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Issac Yiadom and Alfred Adarkwah have been giving defensive coordinators across the state nightmares all season.

Throw Jahkari Carpenter into the mix from the backfield and Luke Brennan as “the straw that stirs the drink,” you might as well give up trying to stop them and just call it a victory if you can find a way to slow them down.

The Dolphins took their best shot to defeat the high-octane offense of Doherty and played very well most of the game, but in the end it was too much to handle.

“I think we were well prepared it came down to them making a couple more plays than us,” said Funk.

D-Y placed their best defensive back and arguably the best coverage cornerback in all of Division 4, Michael Dunn on Adarkwah. Liam Matheson and L.K. Metz took turns taking on Yiadom. But both receivers still found big plays that ended in the end zone.

What’s the key to the Doherty success? Well for starters, they understand that it is a team game and that they are at their best when they use all their weapons.

No one knows that more than Adarkwah, “I like to win, so whatever it takes to win. The end zone if that’s what it needs to be, if blocking is what I need to do, whatever it takes.“

Out of the 358 total yards of offense the Highlanders gained in the Div. 4 state title game victory, the ball was very evenly distributed.

Adarkwah streaked down the sideline on the final play of the first half and hauled in a 41-yard pass in double coverage which in addition to giving Doherty a 14-7 lead, also kicked the Highlanders offense into gear as they took that momentum into the second half.

“It just got us going, Alfred’s catch is got us going. He’s a big time player,” said Yiadom. “No corner in the state can cover him, he’s tall, and he’s long, he gets up and makes plays.”

Yiadom on the other side is the one who has harnessed most of the attention this season. He was the third highest recruit in the state and is Boston College-bound next fall. Yiadom hauled in six scores with 748 yards this season and then added another four scores on the ground. He finished with seven catches for 138 yards. He’s the complete package: size, speed and a tremendous set of hands.

The scariest part of this offense is that while defenses are respecting that dual-threat of receivers, Carpenter is free to run wild from the backfield. When Doherty goes into their three- and four-receiver sets, it is anyone guess where the ball is going. Carpenter ran for 87 yards and a score in the Div. 4 and ended his season at nearly 1,400 yards and nine touchdowns.

Once this offense is running on all cylinders, they are nearly impossible to stop.

Next year, despite losing Yiadom, the Highlanders still have another highly recruited wide receiver.

“I think Alfred is going to be a steal scholarship kid for somebody,” said Mulcahy.

“Who ever gets him is going to realize, he is just starting to explode right now.”