Andover notches 11th girls' swimming title

ALLSTON, Mass. – It never gets old. A few short words said by Andover coach Marilyn Fitzgerald summed up her team's performance at this year's MIAA Division I Fall State Swimming and Diving Championships.

The Lady Warriors topped the competition, marking the 11th time in school history that Andover has claimed the crown, finishing with a total of 357.5 points.

The good part of Andover's legacy is that “you have kids that want to be part of the tradition,” according to Fitzgerald. She added that “

Second-place Acton-Boxborough (225) was followed by Chelmsford (187), Framingham (113) and rounding out the top-five was Haverhill (98).

The competition were highlighted by Andover's Rachel Moore and her winning time during the 100-yard backstroke. The junior All-American swimmer finished with a time of 54.27, which was the fastest time ever recorded in this event at Harvard University's Blodgett Pool.

“I looked up at the scoreboard, and couldn't believe I had come so close to something that I had always thought was untouchable,” said Moore.

The Lady Warriors won four of first six events, which included a record-breaking time of 53.36 during the 100-yard butterfly recorded by Moore. She surpassed the previous record of 55.52, which set in 1999 by Andover alumnus Connie Brown.

During the 500-yard freestyle, Andover's Maggie D'Innocenzo also broke the state meet record, finishing with a time of 4:51.63.

Andover concluded the competition with a record-breaking winning time of 3:29.39 during the 400-yard freestyle relay. The team, which was composed of D'Innocenzo, Moore as well as teammates Ashlee Korsberg and Monica Patterson, surpassed the previous state meet time of 3:32.87 set in 1999.

The Lady Warriors finished the day with a total of eight first-place wins. Of the remaining events, Acton-Boxborough won the 50-yard and 100-yard freestyle races, Lexington in the one-meter diving and Chelmsford in the 100-yard breaststroke.

“I think the number of the events we won today was really big,” said Fitzgerald. She added that “without the supporting cast [of the relays and other events], we wouldn't not be up on the top.”


During the MIAA Division II Fall State Swimming and Diving Championships, both Bishop Feehan and Reading battled for the top, each finishing the competition with three first-place victories.

Reading's team captain Erica Belcher recorded a first-place time of 2:08.31 in the 200-yard individual medley and 56.16 in the 100-yard backstroke, while the school placed first in the 200-yard medley relay with a time of 1:51.46.

Bishop Feehan's Erin Foley placed first in the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:52.89 while recording a first place time of 4:57.73 in the 500-yard freestyle race. The squad was also victorious in the competition's final event of the day, recording a winning time of 3:41.08 during the 400-yard freestyle race.

During the championship, team captain Katie Kenney represented the two victories tallied by Urusline Academy, as she placed first in the 100-yard butterfly (58.34) and recorded a winning time of 53.77 in the 100-yard freestyle race.


Overall: 1. Reading 279; 2. Bishop Feehan 241; 3. Bishop Stang 150; 4. Notre Dame (Hingham) 137; 5. Seekonk 97; 6. Ursuline Academy 84; 7. Walpole 75: 8. Westwood 72; 9. Stoneham 71; 10. Sandwich 70; 11. Belmont 26: 12. Mount Alvernia 25; 12. Notre Dame (Worcester) 25; 14. Winchester 14; 14. Milford 14. 16. Wakefield 9.

200 Medley Relay: 1. Reading (Erica Belcher, Kasey Lamb, Olivia Gallugi, Brenna Melanson) 1:50.25; 2. Bishop Stang (Olivia Decas, Andrea Gauvin, Katherine Medeiros, Kirby Roberts) 1:51.68; 3. Bishop Feehan (Caroline Capece, Caitlin Schofield, Daniela Beasley, Nikki Steiner) 1:55.68; 4. Notre Dame (Hingham) (Julie Cohen, Taylor Ellis, Kathryn Page; Erica Hasson) 1:56.75; 5. Seekonk (Kaila Greene, Katie Johnson, Madison Behan, Jacqueline Johnson) 1:58.20.

200 Freestyle: 1. Erin Foley (Bishop Feehan) 1:51.74; 2. Kaylie O'Connell (Stoneham) 1:57.54; 3. Reilly O'Connell (Sandwich) 1:57.99; 4. Jacqueline Johnson (Seekonk) 1:58.10; 5. Caitlin Callanan (Bishop Feehan) 1:58.66.

200 IM: 1. Erica Belcher (Reading) 2:03.28; 2. Amanda Adreani (Reading) 2:14.99; 3. Caroline Capece (Bishop Feehan) 2:15.51; 4. Brenna Melanson (Reading) 2:15.99; 5. Maddie Myers (Bishop Feehan) 2:16.27.

50 Freestyle: 1. Olivia Decas (Bishop Stang) 25.45; 2. Kate Vanasse (Westwood) 25.49; 3. Brenna Melanson (Reading) 25.89; 4. Erin Daly (Reading) 25.97; 5. Allyssa Woodman (Reading) 26.02.

1 Meter Diving: 1. Irina Chiulli (Westwood) 440.50; 2. Cara Brown (Bishop Stang) 403.90; 3. Demi Marathas (Ursuline Academy) 372.15; 4. Kenzie McCaffrey (Sandwich) 369.35; 5. Colleen Barry (Notre Dame – Hingham) 365.35.

100 Butterfly: 1. Katie Kenney (Ursuline Academy) 57.81; 2. Katherine Medeiros (Bishop Stang) 58.56; 3. MacKenzine Niness (Notre Dame – Worcester) 59.54; 4. Kaylie O'Connell (Stoneham) 1:00.19; 5. Helen Smith (Mount Alvernia) 1:00.89.

100 Freestyle: 1. Katie Kenney (Ursuline Academy) 53.39; 2. Jacqueline Johnson (Seekonk) 54.21; 3. Caitlin Callanan (Bishop Feehan) 54.84; 4. Gillian Walsh (Reading) 54.98; 5. Reilly O'Connell (Sandwich) 55.10.

500 Freestyle: 1. Erin Foley (Bishop Feehan) 4:56.34; 2. Taylor Ellis (Notre Dame – Hingham) 5:15.49; 3. Kaila Green (Seekonk) 5:15.87; 4. Becky Idman (Walpole) 5:21.56; 5. Kasey Lamb (Reading) 5:22.34.

200 Freestyle Relay: 1. Bishop Stang (Olivia Decas, Kirby Roberts, Andrea Gauvin, Katherine Medeiros) 1:42.45; 2. Reading (Gillian Walsh, Amanda Adreani, Erin Daley, Julie Trodden) 1:42.47; 3. Bishop Feehan (Caroline Steiner, Tayla Piggott; Caitlin Callanan, Erin Foley) 1:43.09; 4. Stoneham (Kaylie O'Connell, Bailee Day, Monika Sobieszek, Emily Houghton) 1:45.40; 5. Belmont (Ellen Osborn, Emily Butte, Ana Pulak, Sasha Merrill) 1:45.55.

100 Backstroke: 1. Erica Belcher (Reading) 55.21; 2. MacKenzie Niness (Notre Dame – Worcester) 1:01.73; 3. Kaila Greene (Seekonk) 1:02.19; 4. Julie Coen (Notre Dame – Hingham); 5. Caitlin Schofield (Bishop Feehan) 1:02.77.

100 Breaststroke: 1. Taylor Ellis (Notre Dame – Hingham) 1:07.46; 2. Andrea Gauvin (Bishop Stang) 1:07.98; 3. Kasey Lamb (Reading) 1:09.88; 4. Gillian Walsh (Reading) 1:10.31; 5. Katie Johnson (Seekonk) 1:11.01.

400 Freestyle Relay: 1. Reading (Julie Trodden, Brenna Melanson, Gillian Walsh, Erica Belcher) 3:38.14; 2. Bishop Feehan (Caitlin Callanan, Caroline Steiner, Maddie Myers, Erin Foley) 3:40.55; 3. Notre Dame (Hingham) (Anna Vallani, Kayla Burgess, Kyra Pellant, Taylor Ellis) 3:50.17; 4. Sandwich (Frani Davis, Kyra Crossman, Cat Felcitti, Reilly O'Connell) 3:51.50; 5. Walpole (Becky Idman, Jessica Sauve, Samantha Pomer, Danielle Sauve) 3:52.09.

Correspondent Brian Fabry contributed to this report.