Snapshot: 'Rattle City', 'The Sensei' ready for showdown

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Each year, the Central Mass. district holds its divisional semifinals and finals at Worcester Polytechnic Institute's hallowed Harrington Auditorium. And each year, the spectators leave exhilarated by at least one game.

This year, St. John's thrilling victory of St. Peter-Marian is the current leader in that category, with Adahm Floyd making two incredible defensive plays in the final 10 seconds to seal it for the victorious Pioneers.

Equally as impressive in most of these games is the fan presence, overflowing the arena in most games. Two of the state's best student sections, Franklin and St. John's, were in their element in each of their respective games. The two teams will face each other next weekend in the D1 Central Final, in what ought to be one of the most incredible game atmospheres of any sport that we will see all year.

Here are my best shots of the two revered fan bases in action tonight: