With Monteiro's BC commitment, ball is rolling

Back on March 16, when Shepherd Hill offensive guard Chris Lindstrom became the first in-state commitment for Boston College's 2015 recruiting class, Eagles head coach Steve Addazio reportedly told the promising interior lineman he hoped this would "get the ball rolling" with other recruits holding offers.

Earlier today, Brockton lineman Aaron Monteiro pledged to the Eagles to give them three in-state commitments in the last 13 days, joining Everett cornerback Lukas Denis, who committed on March 19.

Even moreso, the Eagles appear to be dipping back into some familiar territories with this year's recruiting class. In the last recruiting cycle, BC plucked players from a garden variety of programs, from small-school Millis to St. Sebastian's to Catholic Memorial. So far in the 2015 cycle, they have tapped into two of their richest pipelines: Everett, which is routinely churning out FBS-ready defensive backs in the 21st Century; and Brockton, which has a decades-long history with BC, from the Boxers' nationally-ranked glory days in the 1980's, to the Eagles' glory days under Tom Coughlin, to present day.

Already saddled with some hype before his first varsity start, the 6-foot-6, 308-pound Monteiro showed flashes of brilliance at times, demonstrating nimble footwork and a nasty finish. The potential is considered high with Monteiro, who alternates between guard and tackle for the Boxers. He said the Eagles coaches think he can potentially fit at left tackle.

Monteiro discussed all of this and more with ESPNBoston.com tonight:

Deciding factors: "Obviously just because of how close it is to Brockton, I definitely want the support of my family through college, I want them to be able to go to home games. Also, it's a great school academically, and getting a good education has always been my first my first priority.

On BC's history of producing quality offensive linemen: "They definitely have a unique system, and they must be doing good a job with it, putting out all these offensive lineman. It's the best opportunity, especially when it comes to taking that opportunity to the next level.

"They're a running team, their main focus is just to run the ball, and we're known for that at Brockton High. We're not a passing team."

On BC head coach Steve Addazio: "He's a good guy, he's very blunt about what he tells you. The first time I went up there, he mentioned to me that if at this school you think you're not gonna go to class, this isn't the right school for you. He's looking for guys who want to work hard and want a good education. He's blunt and bold about what he wants."

On the long-running Brockton to BC pipeline: "I talked to an alumni from Brockton who plays for BC right now, Dominique Williams. He definitely influenced me, he recommended to me that BC was a good school, they have a good coaching staff, me and him are friends. They also have a close connection to my coach [Peter Colombo], I remember him telling me about his days playing against BC [as quarterback at Holy Cross]. They mentioned the close ties with Peter Colombo."

Offseason progress: "As of right now, I'm 6-6, 308 pounds. There's not really [a target weight] but they have me doing track [for the spring], throwing shot put and discus. Basically I'm going to track practicing and then going to lift weights."

What the coaching staff likes about him, and what he needs to improve: "They just told me they like the fact that I'm not just some dumb kid, I pay attention in school and have a good GPA. They look at my highlight tape and think I have a lot of potential.

"I think the one thing they want me to improve on is consistency, staying good and getting even better as my senior year progresses."