'Amigos' had the signs to Dragons' victory

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Duxbury’s quarterback tandem of Kane Haffey and Matt O’Keefe dominated in Duxbury’s 35-13 Division IIA Super Bowl victory over Concord-Carlisle. Nothing unexpected there.

What may seem surprising, though, is that six Duxbury sophomores, who weren’t on the field for a single play Saturday, were key to the Green Dragons’ offensive success.

That group of underclassmen, dubbed the “Amigos” by their coaches and teammates, used a series of signals from the sidelines to relay play-calls from coach Dave Maimaron out to the players on the field.

O’Keefe’s second-quarter touchdown pass to Don Webber to give Duxbury a 14-7 lead? That play came in from the Amigos.

Haffey’s touchdown toss to Matt Hallisey in the third quarter? All the Amigos.

Haffey’s final touchdown bomb to Webber? Who knows if it happens if not for the six sophomores with grade-point averages that hover, according to their coach, around 4.0?

“We don’t really need to play,” said one of the Amigos, Patrick Buell. “We called three touchdowns today.”

Here’s how the system works: The play is given to the Amigos from Maimaron, who gives the group one particular color and number associated with a play. Two Amigos, Buell and Steven Bouchie, hold up two sheets. One with the correct color, and one with the correct number. The players on the field refer to wristbands, organized by color and number, to line up the play, while the other four Amigos hold up decoy sheets with decoy colors and numbers.

The Amigos claim to have never botched a play from Maimaron, but the system has been difficult for others to grasp, namely the head coach himself.

“I couldn’t figure it out. There’s a lot of people smarter than I am,” said Maimaron. “We have real smart kids and they can pick some stuff up.”

The Green Dragons have been using the system since their Oct. 29 game against Silver Lake, knowing it might be useful during games in which the crowd noise makes it hard for Maimaron to be heard on the field.

The Amigos – Buell, Bouchie, John Geiger, Sean Casey, Alden Fontana and Peter DiMartinis – were called up from the junior varsity specifically for the job. And while they perform other lowly underclassmen duties, like carrying the Gatorade jug, they’ve received special treatment for their role.

They’ve taken road trips on the varsity bus, and they once even traveled to a road game in their own van. For the Super Bowl, the coaching staff bought six bright orange Under Armour knit hats so that they could be more easily recognized by the players on the field.

The Amigos huddled together in the back of the crowd when Duxbury raised its Super Bowl trophy on Saturday, but their teammates recognized the importance of the job they performed during their championship run.

“I love that system,” said Haffey. “We’re able to play at a really high tempo. I’m a run and gun guy. I like to sling it around. I like to run around and catch the defense off guard so I love to run that system.”

And he knows that without the Amigos, there is no system.

“They take it really seriously. Those guys are a big part of our team.”