Chalk Talk: Medfield's Mark Nickerson

(Editors' note: This is the third installment of our "Chalk Talk" series, where ESPNBoston.com staff takes a look into a coach's playbook. Today, Medfield girls' basketball coach Mark Nickerson gives us a peek at his read-and-react offensive scheme.)

Year in and year out, Medfield girls' basketball coach Mark Nickerson has adjusted his strategy to exploit the strengths of his personnel. Last season, with an elite point guard like Marisa Pelosi, the Warriors went with an unorthodox dribble-drive motion attack and had surprising success, winning the Tri-Valley League and advancing to the Division 2 South semifinals. This season, Nickerson has gone in a different direction, and the Warriors are still the cream of the crop, off to a 6-0 start following a 54-40 win over Westwood last night. Nickerson diagrammed one of his bread-and-butter plays for ESPNBoston's Brendan Hall to show just what makes the Warriors click: