Report: Brimmer's Fay bros. commit to Fordham

The New York Post is reporting that Fordham University landed two verbal commitments yesterday from brothers Jared and Jake Fay of Brimmer & May School.

Jared, a 6-foot-3 senior shooting guard, will join teammate Ryan Canty in head coach David Pecora's five-man recruiting class of 2011, and will join three other players with ties to New England prep schools: sophomore Chris Gaston (New Hampton) and freshmen Marvin Dominique (Winchendon) and Lamount Samuell (Notre Dame Prep).

Jake also held an offer from UMass at the time of his commitment, and Scouts Inc. currently evaluates the sophomore as follows:


Fay is a shot maker with good size and bounce for the backcourt. Even at a young age Fay has the same outward confidence and swagger that every great shooter owns. He shoots it with range and needs only a split second to get it off thanks to his size and quick trigger. He also shoots the ball well off the dribble and has developed an attacking game off the catching making quick rip through and step back moves to get to his pull-up. Fay plays the game with no hesitation and is an instinctive offensive player.


Fay is still physically undeveloped and needs to get much stronger in his upper body. He can't play through contact on either end of the floor right now and although his long arms are an asset defensively, he is limited laterally. Defensively, he must give a more diligent effort in order to better compensate for his lack of quickness and strength. Offensively, he isn't much of a decision maker in the backcourt as he doesn't handle or pass and is essentially a one-dimensional catch and score player.

Bottom Line:

Fay is developing into a pretty big time shooter and with a frame that is now stretched out to six-five, good length, and athleticism he has all the makings of a high level prospect.