CBC stars shine at Adidas Invitational

ESPN's Paul Biancardi and John Stovall check in today from the Adidas Invitational out in Indianapolis, where they found some under-the-radar prospects within a deep pool of talent.

Highlighting that deep pool were two of the Connecticut Basketball Club's most heralded players, New London's Kris Dunn and the nation's No. 1 incoming senior, 6-foot-10 Andre Drummond.

Drummond will be pursuing a post-graduate season this fall, but where exactly is yet to be determined. Wherever he goes, he's sure to continue drawing more and more attention as the praise continues to roll in, as it did this weekend:

His physique compares to an NBA power forward right now. He uses his large, long and powerful body on the defensive end to challenge, change and protect the rim. When he goes to the glass, he is the type of player who not only gets rebounds, he takes them away from others. He is at his best offensively when he receives a pass at the elbow or mid-post area with his back to the basket and then faces up his opponents. This gives him more room to score or pass which he does very well. However, when he gets too deep on the block he often contends with two and sometimes three defenders, which shrinks his space to move and score. His free throw shooting is a work in progress, but you can see improvement. Kentucky, UConn, Duke, Kansas, Louisville, Georgetown, are in the mix with many other elite programs.

Dunn, the Class of 2012's No. 7 point guard and No. 48 overall player, is transferring from New London (Conn.) High to Wilbraham & Monson Academy in Massachusetts for his senior year. Where he was viewed as an Atlantic-10 type of player to start the high school season, his stock seems now affirmatively in the upper echelon:

He is the ultimate scoring point guard who has great size, length and is an excellent creator. Dunn has solid vision, is very good at finding open teammates and has no problem with penetration because he practically lives in the lane. He is a solid, but streaky shooter with range to 19 feet and is at his best when moving forward looking to create or score. Dunn will be a priority in the Northeast and rumor has it he may be teaming up with Drummond as a package for some lucky college program.