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Friday, November 29, 2013
Top 10 helmet designs from Attleboro-North Attleboro

By Brendan Hall

Yesterday, we touched on the helmet tradition with the Attleboro vs. North Attleborough Thanksgiving rivalry, in which each player makes their own customized homemade helmet design.

Today, I am ranking my 10 favorite designs from this year's meeting, won by Attleboro 34-19.

1. Band of Brothers
Senior defensive tackle Scott Friedlander said he spent roughly six hours creating this "Band of Brothers" design -- an homage to the popular Steven Spielberg-produced miniseries, but also a tribute to his family's long history of military service. His father (retired), brother and sister were all enlisted in the Navy. The Friedlander family can trace their United States military roots back the Revolutionary War, and their service encapsulates every major conflict since.

My pick for best design concept and execution: Attleboro's Scott Friedlander ... #bandofbrothers

— Scott Barboza (@ESPNScottB) November 28, 2013
2. Fear the Dragon, Pt. 1
I'm guessing Brandon Clark is an art student, because this was done pretty eloquently. Note the two different dragon designs on opposite sides of the helmet.


— Brandon Clark (@clarky799) November 28, 2013
3. Fear the Dragon, Pt. 2
Not to be outdone, Evan Packert has his own scary dragon design:


— Evan Packert (@EvanPackert) November 28, 2013

Honestly, I think both those kids have a future in graphic design.

4. "Pila De"
Take note of the attention to detail with Attleboro quarterback Tim Walsh's design, which includes the uniform number of each of his teammates, and a king chess piece -- fitting, because if you've ever watched this gunslinger go to work, he is the ultimate chess piece. The phrase "Pila De" on the back of his helmet is a Latin phrase that means "ball out", according to Walsh (and ball out did he ever this fall).

@BHallESPN @AboroPrincipal

— Tim Walsh (@TimWalsh6) November 28, 2013
5. Boston Strong
A couple of logos incorporated here for the Red Rocketeers' Kyle Johnson, but the one that sticks out the most is the "Boston Strong" logo the Red Sox incorporated into their uniforms following the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15.


— Kyle Johnson (@KyleJohnnson) November 28, 2013
6. Blase's Tribute
For a refresher on this backstory, North senior captain Jack Blase's older brother Alex died of a brain aneurysm during a pickup basketball game back in 2008, at the tender age of 17. Jack paid tribute with this design:

North captain Jack Blase honoring memory of his deceased brother Alex, a former North player ...

— Scott Barboza (@ESPNScottB) November 28, 2013
7. Spanning generations
North lineman Joe Rabuffo paid tribute to a deceased Big Red great, Thomas Bury, who wore Rabuffo's No. 67 over three decades ago. Bury was killed in an auto accident in 1983, en route to his first assignment with the Coast Guard. His name is immortalized on the scoreboard at North Attleborough's Community Field, and a college scholarship set up in his memory is still offered at the high school.

North's Joe Rabuffo honoring memory of his number sake (67), Thomas G. Bury Jr. ...

— Scott Barboza (@ESPNScottB) November 28, 2013

Here's what Rabuffo's helmet looks like from the side:

Was asked by @BHallESPN to tweet some of best helmets from North Attleboro/Attleboro game, here's one w/ Pats logo

— Josh Perry (@Josh_Perry10) November 28, 2013
8. Candy Cane
Simple concept here from Alex Dion, but it gets the job done:


— Alex Dion (@Al_Dion73) November 28, 2013

Candy stripes were a popular design this year with North Attleboro players:

Here's another from North Attleboro, stripes are really in vogue this season #hockomock

— Josh Perry (@Josh_Perry10) November 28, 2013
9. Family Matters
The "family" theme was a popular one for both teams in these helmet designs.

North sideline ...

— Scott Barboza (@ESPNScottB) November 28, 2013
10. Stars and Stripes
North's Joe Flaherty gets points here for curving stripe lines without making them look uneven or awkward. That's an underrated trait.


— Joe Flaherty (@NAJoeFlats71) November 28, 2013