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Recap: Belmont Hill 17, St. Sebastian's 12

October, 15, 2011
NEEDHAM, Mass. — It might be a little premature to say that a historic run is on the verge in Belmont Hill, but in the final season for long-time head coach Kevin Fleming, the Hillers are still undefeated as we near the midway point of the ISL schedule.

The Hillers (4-0) used a “complete, team-effort” according to the head coach to take out St. Sebastian’s (2-2) on the road yesterday with a 17-12 victory with balloons and a host of other celebrations going on for the Arrows homecoming day.

Geroge McLaughlin grinded out 120 yards and a score on 21 carries and knocked home a 24-yard field goal in the fourth quarter, which proved to be very important points for the Hillers.

The defense also came up huge in the fourth quarter, as it held the Arrows out of the end zone after watching in horror as their punter shanked a punt off the side of his foot leaving the hosts in perfect position to ram in a game-clinching score in the final minute of the game.

“It was a great team win,” said Fleming. “Two pretty even teams were playing for a run at the league championship.”

He may be in his 23rd season on the sidelines for the Hillers, and this may be his last season, but Fleming proved that he still knows a thing or two about coaching and winning a big football game on the road.

With a whipping wind heading from right to left on the field, Fleming decided to take the advantage in the fourth quarter and defer any momentum that the Arrows could mount in the third quarter.

The Arrows offense woke up on their first drive of the second half when Patrick Healy hit John Connolly for a 15-yard touchdown to finish off a 10-play, 71-yard drive that ate up nearly half of the quarter.

However, another missed opportunity on the extra point left the Arrows down 14-12 heading into the fourth quarter.

“We played the third period going into the wind, so we knew they had all the advantages in the third,” Fleming said. “They were still behind and so in theory, if we had to go to a lot of passing we would have the win in the fourth.”

Arrows’ coach Bob Souza echoed those comments about the elements.

“When you were going against the wind it really limited what you could do offensively,” Souza said. “It helped us in the third quarter.”

The scenario early in the fourth quarter was as such: The Hillers were driving, but were forced to make a decision on fourth and five from the Arrows’ 7-yard line.

Now, with the wind at their back, Fleming decided to call on his field goal unit to push the score to a 5-point lead.

McLaughlin lined up from 24-yards out and nailed the kick to give the Hillers the 17-12 advantage. The Arrows did get into field goal range late in the fourth quarter, and since Fleming played it “safe” and trusted his defense to make a few plays, the Arrows were forced to try and get into the end zone against a defense that was playing well all afternoon.

“We got up five and they couldn’t get a field goal, like (when they got deep in our territory) they couldn’t go for it,” Fleming said.

The special teams for the Hillers faulted in the final quarter, but the defense allowed the visitors to walk away with the victory.

The Arrows had the ball in the fourth quarter and were lined up to punt on their own 20-yard line midway through the quarter, but Brian O’Malley took a direct snap and went 19 yards for a first down on the trickery.

The Hillers defense held strong again and forced O’Malley to punt again. This time, the junior rocketed a punt over the intended returner and pinned the Hillers inside their 20-yard line.

Belmont Hill could not advance the ball and its punter sent a punt that netted only three yards off the side of his foot to set up the Arrows on the 31-yard line with two minutes left to go in the game.

Healy got the Arrows down to the 15-yard line on a scramble up the gut, but Parker Mundt came up with a big defensive play as he caught up to Healy in the backfield and started to bring him to the turf on third down.

Healy let go of a pass out of bounds and was well outside the pocket, but his pass didn’t travel past the line of scrimmage and the referees through a flag for intentional grounding. Healy could not connect on fourth down with his try towards the end zone and the Hillers were on their way to an undefeated mark.

Belmont Hill (4-0) 0 – 14 –0 - 3 - 17
St. Sebastian’s (2-2) 6 – 0 –6 - 0 - 12

SS — Patrick Healy 1 run (kick failed)
BH — George McLaughlin 1 run (McLaughlin kick)
BH — Matthew Gustafson 1 run (McLaughlin kick)
SS — John Connolly 15 pass from Healy (pass failed)
BH — McLaughlin 24 FG

Recap: BB&N 31, St. Sebastian's 28

October, 1, 2011
ALLSTON, Mass. -- Buckingham Browne & Nichols got the football back with 7:56 to go in the fourth quarter, clinging to a 31-28 lead. St. Sebastian’s had scored 14 unanswered points to pull within three, re-energizing the crowd in Harvard Stadium.

The Knights drove down the field with a heavy dose of running plays behind their massive offensive line. They had knocked almost six minutes off the clock and found themselves facing a 4th-down and 12 on the St. Sebastian’s 30-yard-line. BB&N coach John Papas decided to go for it on fourth, feeling it was too far for his kicker and too close to punt. His quarterback Chris Coady threw an incomplete pass, giving the ball back to the Arrows.

St. Sebastian’s put themselves in prime position to score when Patrick Healy hit Brian O’Malley with a short pass as he was running to the right across the field. O’Malley got a block from one of his fellow receivers and ran 64 yards up the sideline. That put the Arrows in scoring range with about one minute left.

Dropping back to pass, Healy was pressured from all sides from the BB&N defensive line, which forced him to leave the pocket. Running to his right, he spotted an open receiver five yards from the end zone. He threw the ball up, but cornerback Adam Bakopolus jumped in front of the receiver and came down with the interception. With that, the Knights held on for the victory.

“That’s a heck of a football team, with a lot of skill, and they’re big up front,” said Papas, in reference to St. Sebastian’s (1-1). “I thought we played our game tonight. Offensively, I thought we did a great job. We bent but we didn’t break in the end.”

By the thread: BB&N (1-1) had to pull out all the stops to get the victory Friday. It started on its first possession of the game. In an effort to keep his team’s drive alive on 3rd and short, Coady kept the ball on a quarterback sneak and pushed the pile, expecting to get stopped for a short gain. Instead, he burst through the linemen and kept running 31 yards for the first touchdown of the game.

Later, in the third quarter, the team was driving again inside St. Sebastian’s territory. Up until this point, BB&N was relying heavily on the run. Knowing that, Coady took the snap and pitched it to his running back Nick DiChiara. He sprinted to his right, looking like he was going to run it. Then, he changed his grip on the ball, and threw a pass to Chad Kohler in the end zone. While in the air, Kohler hit the ball into the air, rather than catching it. The defensive back saw this, and appeared to give up on the play, assuming the ball would fall on the ground. Instead, the ball fell into the waiting arms of Kohler, who was on his back.

Clear night: It was a completely different game for BB&N from the one they played last week against Belmont Hill. After scoring only 14 points in the entire game last Friday, the Knights were able to put up 17 in the first quarter alone Friday.

“I don’t think the weather was great for us last week,” said Papas. “I think this week we came out possessed. We really wanted to prove that last week was not the BB&N team that we think we are. We came out and kind of got after it pretty early.”

Coady echoed those sentiments.

“I don’t want to say the rain but that definitely had something to do with (last week),” he said. “We threw the ball, I think it was five times, last game. We were able to air it out a lot more this week. I don’t want to make excuses or anything but I think we did what we did best this week in running up the seams and between the tackles.”

Healy hurts Knights D: The BB&N defense did not have an answer for Healy, who finished with 97 yards rushing. More than half of that came in the second half. The Arrows’ quarterback appeared to be at his best on long down-and-distances and when his receivers were not getting open, forcing him to make plays with his feet. In the first quarter, on 3rd-and-8, he broke off a 24-yard run. Later in the game, he broke off runs of 11, 23, and 19 yards, keeping drives alive for his team. He was also 12-of-20 for 180 yards, 2 touchdowns, and an interception through the air.

“He was very special tonight,” said Papas. “Defensively, when a team has great athletes out there, you choose whether you want to put six defensive backs in the game or play with four or five. The one play where we played with four, the receiver ran right by our guy. We tried to make him work the whole field and Bakopolus ended up making that great play in the end.”

Dual threat: Chris Coady, the BB&N quarterback who made the transition this year from running back back to quarterback, lead his team in rushing with 165 yards and 2 touchdowns on 19 carries. He was also 7-of-13 passing for 109 yards, one touchdown, and an interception through the air. The interception he threw was an accurate ball that hit off the hands of his receiver and deflected to a defender.

“What I was impressed with was that every ball he threw tonight was right on the money,” said Papas. “He ran for over 160 and through for 109 yards. That’s a lot of total yards for a quarterback. We were thrilled with his performance.”

What Coady was not thrilled with was his defense on the last St. Sebastian’s touchdown that brought them within three points. He was playing linebacker on the play, and it was between he and Brian O’Malley to find out who was going to come down with the ball. He could not jump high enough, and O’Malley came down with the ball. It was not a great way to get avenge the interception he threw a series before. On the kickoff coverage following the St. Sebastian’s touchdown, Coady fielded the ball and almost fumbled it, which would have been a less than wonderful trifecta for the quarterback.

“It was just a coincidence that it was bad play after bad play after bad play,” said Coady. “I just really didn’t want to lose the game for my team.”


BBN (1-1) --- 17 7 7 0 --- 31
SEB (1-1) --- 7 7 7 7 --- 28

1st quarter
B - Brendan Daly Safety
B - Chris Coady 31-yard run (Matt Rega kick)
S - Samuel Hodgson 4-yard run (Samuel Washburne kick)
B - Coady 1-yard run (Willie Peoples rush)

2nd quarter
B - Willie Peoples 21-yard pass from Coady (Rega kick)
S - John Connolly 1-yard run (Washburne kick)

3rd quarter
B - Chad Kohler 32 pass from Nick DiChiara (Rega kick)
S - Kendall Dardy-Jones 33 pass from Patrick Healy (Washburne kick)

4th quarter
S - Brian O’Malley 16-yard pass from Healy (Washburne kick)