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Super 8 tournament projection (Version 2.0)

February, 21, 2014
Feb 21
Here’s our final Super 8 hockey tournament, 10-team projection ahead of Saturday’s tournament selection committee meeting.

Of course, we’d like to hear your input, and feel free to give us your 10-team field below in the Comments field or via Twitter (@espnbostonhs and @espnscottb).

Here’s a refresher of how we saw the field rounding out last week:

1. BC High

2. Malden Catholic

3. Austin Prep

4. Catholic Memorial

5. Springfield Cathedral

6. Xaverian

7. St. Mary’s (Lynn)

8. Arlington Catholic

9. Central Catholic

10. St. John’s Prep

Version 2.0:

1. BC High (14-2-4)

Last week’s projection: 1

Why they’re in this spot: The Eagles could have left no doubt about the top spot had they beaten Duxbury in the championship game of the Buddy Ferreira Classic on Thursday. But I like the Eagles’ completed resume the best, and the Catholic Conference championship should always count for something.

2. Springfield Cathedral (15-2-5)

Last week’s projection: 5

Why they’re in this spot: It’s been said that the Super 8 committee carries a “What have you done for me lately?” kind of mentality, and the Panthers’ 5-2 win over Malden Catholic in their host vacation week tournament should move them into the second spot.

3. Malden Catholic (16-4-0)

Last week’s projection: 2

Why they’re in this spot: The Lancers looked like they were going on another one of their runs going into the postseason, evidenced by 7-1 win over Super 8 hopeful St. Mary’s at the Cathedral tournament. But, even with the loss to Cathedral, there’s no reason to drop them any place past here.

4. Austin Prep (13-4-4)

Last week’s projection: 3

Why they’re in this spot: The Cougars had a chance to move up into the top two spots at the Ferreira Classic, with a duel with BC High, but after a somewhat flat performance, this feels about right. They still remain in the top four, regardless.

5. Xaverian (11-3-6)

Last week’s projection: 6

Why they’re in this spot: The Hawks earned some serious style points with a 9-2 thrashing of Super 8 hopeful St. John’s of Shrewsbury on Wednesday, eliminating any doubts of their placement in the top six and likely snuffing out the Pioneers’ dream in the process.

6. Central Catholic (15-3-3)

Last week’s projection: 9

Why they’re in this spot: The Raiders were among a handful of clubs making a serious move in the last week-plus of the season, rising out of the perils of a play-in game and into a top six seed. A 4-3 win over Catholic Memorial on Monday bumps the Raiders in.

(Play-in seeds, determined by winning percentage):

7. Duxbury (16-2-3)

Last week’s projection: N/A

Why they’re in this spot: By winning the program’s first-ever Ferreira Classic (formerly known as the Cape Cod Classic), with a dominating defensive performance against BC High, the Dragons proved they belong and can play the brand of hockey required to tplay in the tournament, despite a lack of other marquee victories.

8. Braintree (13-4-3)

Last week’s projection: N/A

Why they’re in this spot: Whoa. How about the Wamps finishing the regular season with a win over Catholic Memorial to put them over the hump, and leaving the slumping Knights out in the cold? It wasn’t Bay State Carey champion’s only marquee win, having already beaten two of these teams in this “play-in” group (Duxbury, St. Mary’s) – and by the margin that CM only had one win (Malden Catholic) against other teams considered here – I’m going with a Wamps-for-Knights swap. It only proves how flat the competition is beyond the top four seeds of the tournament.

9. St. Mary’s (14-6-2)

Last week’s projection: 7

Why they’re in this spot: The Spartans could have bolstered their chances for the tournament with closer date with MC at the Cathedral tournament, but we’re pulling in St. Mary’s making the tournament after a one-year absence on the grounds of its second-place finish in the Catholic Central Large.

10. Archbishop Williams (12-5-3)

Last week’s projection: N/A

Why they’re in this spot: With that being said, there was no CCL team hotter in the second than the Bishops, who claimed victories against both St. Mary’s and Arlington Catholic (x2) in the second half of the season. With a deep a talented group of forwards, the Bishops won the coin flip between them and AC – a team that had appeared a shoo-in during the first half of the season before cooling off and dropping a key rubber match against Archies at the Ferreira Classic this week. As I’ve written earlier in the year, the CCL would be the key to the Super 8 field, carrying three teams this year, with the Bishops making their second consecutive play-in game appearance.

Instant Analysis: EMass girls hoop finals

March, 14, 2011
ESPNBoston high school editor Brendan Hall and correspondent Matt Noonan break down all of the action from today's Division 4 state championship, and the three other Eastern Mass finals, at TD Garden:

St. Mary's fends off Coyle, moves to D3 state final

March, 14, 2011

BOSTON –- For a moment, Coyle-Cassidy appeared ready to extend the MIAA Division 3 State semi-finals with St. Mary’s of Lynn to overtime, but Warriors senior guard Brenna Gonsalves’s half court shot with three seconds left sailed away from the rim and allowed the Spartans to walk off the TD Garden parquet with a 53-50 victory.

“I think Coyle-Cassidy is an excellent team and Brenna [Gonsalves] is a tremendous player, but in that fourth quarter again, it looked like we had them and we can’t break press, which we’ve done all year, but we had just enough to get [the win],” said St. Mary’s head coach Jeff Newhall.

“The kids fought [until] the end. We didn’t shoot that well today,” said Coyle head coach Mike O’Brien. “We can’t say anything about the heart about these kids. They were down by nine came back and we were probably about 10-seconds short.”

The Spartans scored early and often once the game began with an 8-0 run. Although, the Warriors would respond from their slow start, as Gonsalves led Coyle with nine points while junior guard Missy Perry who added four points during the second quarter. Yet, the slow start kept allowing St. Mary’s to build the lead and score easy baskets in the paint.

St. Mary’s kept adding points during the second quarter, but watched their largest lead of the period, 19-12 turn into 22-19 lead at halftime. The Warriors also did a tremendous job at defending Gonsalves and provided a great deal of pressure to their offense.

“We talked about, specifically Gonsalves, trying to give that one shot hopefully no shots. I thought Tori [Faieta] and Cassi [Amenta] were very effective on the boards and Ann Marie [Idusuyi] when she was in there thought played excellent as well,” said Newhall. “I thought for the most part, the idea was to try and slow Gonsalves down first and foremost”

“I think we just got going a little too late this time,” said Gonsalves.

Entering the third quarter, the Warriors took off with the lead, as they added an additional 15 points thanks to Amenta and freshman guard Jennie Mucciarone, who helped their team begin the second half by converting their first four field goals in a row.

Yet, the size of St. Mary’s continued to force Coyle to literally only one shot on their various offensive series.

“I think it bothered us a little bit,” said Gonsalves. “We’ve played teams this size like that and somehow we just didn’t adjust to well.”

Although, the Warriors eventually put together a late rally during the final few minutes of the fourth quarter that featured 13 points from Gonsalves and six points from Perry.

However, with time against them, Coyle & Cassidy started committing fouls and watched their state championship dreams slowly drift away, as St. Mary’s connected on [8-10] free throws during the fourth quarter and a majority of those points came on behalf of Amenta, who converted four points from the line.

“It’s a senior moment, but Cassi goes to the line [and goes] four for four at the Boston Garden with people streamlining and yelling and that’s how you get to this point,” said Newhall.

With the win, St. Mary’s will play their biggest game of the season at the DCU Center in Worcester on Saturday March 19.

“Everyone left it out on the court, everyone played with heart again,” said Gonsalves. “Its now how we wanted it to end, but we have a lot to be proud of this year, couldn’t ask for anything more.”