Boston High School: Suffield Academy

High ceiling for Suffield's Christian Wilkins

August, 2, 2013
Yesterday, ESPN football recruiting analyst Jared Shanker checked in with Suffield Academy (Conn.) defensive tackle Christian Wilkins, a Springfield resident who is fast climbing up the national radar.

The 6-foot-4, 295-pound Wilkins, who also played for the Boston Amateur Basketball Club (BABC) on the AAU circuit this summer, is a four-star recruit ranked No. 107 overall in the Class of 2015 by ESPN. Going into his junior season at Suffield, Wilkins already holds offers from Ohio State, Florida State, Maryland, UConn, Boston College, Virginia, Stanford, Penn State and Iowa.

Despite his girthy, powerful frame, Wilkins displays remarkable athleticism, Shanker writes:

Since the seventh grade, Wilkins has been able to cartwheel into a back flip. He can dunk jumping off both feet -- quite a bit harder than leaping off one foot with a running start. He takes his elite athleticism and unbridled energy to the water, too. A double front flip is light work for Wilkins, who with a running start off the diving board can pull off a gainer -- a running back flip without much of a jump.

“You got to be confident, that’s how you do it,” Wilkins says.

A dozen colleges have fallen in love with that athleticism and offered Wilkins, who doubles as the big man on one of New England’s top basketball teams. Suffield Academy coach Drew Gamere stood in awe the summer before Wilkins’ freshman season. At 6-foot-3 and about 280 pounds at the time, Gamere watched Wilkins, who he calls the most talented player he’s ever coached, unveil a back flip from just standing flat footed.

“He has great athleticism for his size,” Gamere said. “I forget he’s 300 pounds all the time.”

Wilkins’ physical talent makes him an elite college prospect but he refines his raw ability with a drive unparalleled on the team. As a 6-foot-3 freshman joining a team that was 24-2 the previous three seasons, he immediately became a leader on the team. Gamere said Wilkins had his growing pains like every freshman, but he worked through them quickly and made an instant impact.

“He’s got everything because he’s a great talent but his work ethic is unbelievable,” Gamere said. “It’s great coaching the kid. He’s got everything you want in terms of a coachable player.”

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New England Roundup: Connecticut

January, 24, 2012
Marty Roos has won more hockey games than any other high school coach in Connecticut history, but it doesn't look like Roos will win anymore.

ConnecticutRoos, 76, retired from coaching Wednesday after guiding Notre Dame-Fairfield for the first nine games of the current season. The Lancers were 3-6 when he announced his decision.

"I always felt that when it came time to step down from coaching, I would know that it was time," Roos said. "Even though Notre Dame is mid-season, I believe that now is the right time."

Roos, who was born in Switzerland, was in his 21st season with Notre Dame-Fairfield. The Lancers won the Division I championship in 1999 and 2006, and finished as the Division I runner-up in 2007 and 2008.

Assistant coach Steve Hetherman was named Notre Dame-Fairfield's interim coach.

"His passion, dedication, loyalty, commitment and hard work are second to none,” Notre Dame-Fairfield athletic director Rob Bleggi said. “He is the ultimate professional and class act.”

Bleggi, who also served as an assistant coach under Roos, said Roos told him about his intention to step down on Monday. He said he was also told health was not the reason for Roos' decision.

Roos began coaching at Fairfield Prep in 1972 and moved to Notre Dame-Fairfield in 1991. He won four championships at Fairfield Prep.

Roos retired with a career record of 536-301-19.

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