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New England Roundup: Maine

August, 25, 2010
On Aug. 13, three days before fall practices got under way for Maine high school sports, the Maine Principals Association moved forward with its plan to divide football teams in the state into four divisions.

MaineThe MPA, which oversees high school sports in the state, reviewed feedback from football playing schools, and according to assistant executive director Mike Burnham, 72 percent of the schools were in favor of reclassification.

Under the current plan, teams are divided into three classes. The new plan, which is expected to go into effect in 2011, would create four classes — AA, A, B and C. This would help eliminate some of the disparities in enrollment, particularly among Class A schools where the current threshold is 800 or more students.

Since the current three class program was instituted in 1987, schools that would qualify for the new AA class have won 21 of 23 state championships. There are currently 78 football playing schools within the state with two or three more expected to adopt the sport soon which would give each class approximately 20 schools under the new alignment.

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