Notes from Patriots pre-draft press release


Notes from the New England Patriots' pre-draft news release:

1. The Patriots estimate that the time they will be on the clock with the No. 32 pick on the first night of the draft is 11:35 p.m. ET. That is based on the time in which that selection was made in 2014.

2. Last year's first round lasted 3 hours, 39 minutes. In 2013, it was 3:30. In 2012, it was 3:00.

3. In Bill Belichick's 15 drafts with the Patriots, there was only one year in which he didn't make a single trade -- 2004.

4. Total draft-day trades made by Belichick over 15 years: 53.

5. In addition to this year's picks, the Patriots also have a pick in each round of the 2016 draft, with an additional seventh-rounder from trading quarterback Ryan Mallett to Houston. That pick could have been as high as a sixth-rounder had Mallett reached certain incentives in 2014.

6. In Belichick's 15 drafts, the team has only picked in the top 10 twice. Furthermore, there have only been four picks in the top 20.

  • 2011 -- Nate Solder (17th overall)

  • 2008 -- Jerod Mayo (10th overall)

  • 2003 -- Ty Warren (13th overall)

  • 2001 -- Richard Seymour (6th overall)

7. The Patriots have picked in the No. 32 slot twice before, selecting tight end Benjamin Watson in 2004 and offensive lineman Logan Mankins in 2005.

8. The Patriots have picked in the No. 64 spot once before, grabbing linebacker Todd Collins in 1992. That spot has seen a pretty good run of players in recent years, with offensive tackle Justin Britt (Seahawks, 2014), cornerback Dwayne Gratz (Jaguars, 2013), tight end Dwayne Allen (Colts, 2012) and receiver Randall Cobb (Packers, 2012).