Identifying our top 10 targets for Patriots at pick 32


In writing on the NFL draft to this point, the primary focus has been on "beyond the first round" possibilities for the New England Patriots. That series covered 73 players, which attempted to match physical traits and intangibles that might appeal to the team (positions are linked at the end of this update).

Now let's narrow things down at pick No. 32.

The following are 10 players who, if available, appear to us to be good fits for the team:

WR Nelson Agholor (Southern Cal) -- The 6-foot-0 1/8, 198-pound Agholor runs well, has flexibility to line up in different spots and is viewed as a big-play weapon who could add value as a punt returner.

DT Malcom Brown (Texas) -- The 6-foot-2 3/8, 319-pound Brown appears to have flexibility to play different techniques, possibly as a hold-the-fort nose tackle, but also with the ability to push the pocket if given the opportunity to do so because of his athleticism.

OL Cameron Erving (Florida State) -- A left tackle who transitioned to center in 2014, he could potentially be a fit at all five positions on the line. He'll probably be gone by No. 32, but if he isn't, his combination of skills and versatility seems to fit.

OT Jake Fisher (Oregon) -- Athletic left tackle (6-foot-6 1/8, 306 pounds) who could be a consideration at left guard as well, he was part of the "beyond the first round" series but might be a consideration late in the first.

DT Eddie Goldman (Florida State) -- A big, powerful space-eater, the 6-foot-3 7/8, 338-pound Goldman has shown the versatility to play different techniques and has the combination of size and power that could be worthy of developing.

LB Eli Harold (Virginia) -- One personnel man felt No. 32 might be a little rich for Harold, but the same might have been said for Jamie Collins in 2013. The 6-foot-3 1/8, 247-pound Harold is athletic, has top intangibles and projects as a versatile piece in the front seven.

CB Kevin Johnson (Wake Forest) -- While unlikely to be on the board at No. 32, the 6-foot-0 1/4, 188-pound Johnson is a press-man projection who has played at a high level against some of college football's top receivers.

CB Byron Jones (UConn) -- The 6-foot-0 5/8, 199-pound Jones has the combination of athleticism, intelligence, physical traits and upside that makes him a prospect worthy of consideration, even though he didn't play at the same level of competition as Johnson.

OT Donovan Smith (Penn State) -- Because he projects more to the right side, he might not be the perfect fit, but offensive linemen his size (6-foot-5 3/8, 338 pounds) usually don't have his level of athleticism. Could be a factor at guard as well.

WR Jaelen Strong (Arizona State) -- The 6-foot-2 3/8, 217-pound Strong runs well and is viewed as a physical receiver with strong hands and a 42-inch vertical leap that reflects his ability to high-point the football down the field.


Off-the-line linebacker

Wide receiver


Running back

Defensive tackle

Tight end


Defensive end/outside linebacker

Offensive tackle (some guard projections within group)


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