Belichick, McDaniels react to overtime win

DENVER -- A few comments from Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Broncos coach Josh McDaniels after Sunday's game:


(on the game) "Obviously that was a tough loss for us today. Like a lot of games in this league, it came down to a few plays and they made more plays than we did. We have to give them credit. That's a good football team. Josh has done a really good job with them, and they made a few more plays than we did. Really, that's all you can say."

(on the return of Jerod Mayo) "We didn't think Jerod was really ready to go a whole game. He practiced this week and got some snaps and in the game, and he seemed OK."

(on defensive adjustments) "There were a lot of substitutions and a lot of trying to match up. A couple of times we were in things we didn't want to be in so we called a timeout. That was mainly the first half. They went in that wildcat-looking formation so we had to make adjustments to that on the first drive of the game and we got that straightened out."


(on the game) "It was a big win for the football team, a great team we played today. They were very well prepared and we knew that it would be a 60-minute game, or longer in this case. They forced us into some errors, and we made some errors on our own, but I am really proud of the team. We hung in there for four quarters or longer, kept playing and fighting, and made some adjustments in the second half, and gave us a chance to kind of swing the game in our favor."

(on his display of emotion after the game) "That's where my family sits up there in the box. It doesn't mean much if you can't share it with somebody. Sharing it with them and sharing it with the people in the stadium. This is the best place in the country in my opinion. To play pro football and to coach pro football; this great fan base, they love this team and we love them. Sometimes you're allowed to have fun and that's what I was doing."

(on this being just any other game) "I lied. It was a little more special to me because I knew how hard it would be to beat them."

(on postgame interaction with Belichick) "We agreed before the game that we would wave. We shook hands before the game and we knew that there has been so much made of him and handshakes that we agreed to just go ahead and do that, but I talked to him before the game."