Brady, Seau help teammates move on

FOXBOROUGH -- Quarterback Tom Brady is the unquestioned leader of the Patriots' offense, and, as he showed Wednesday, he is the team's tone-setter in the locker room as well.

In the wake of Sunday's heartbreaking loss to the Colts, players returned to work as a team for the first time Wednesday and it was only natural to wonder what type of hangover might linger in the locker room.

More than ever, Brady seems willing to step up in trying times like these. Speaking with a been-here-before perspective, Brady addressed reporters in front of his locker and said he and his teammates have moved on from the Colts loss. The Jets, he said, are the Patriots' focus now.

And as far as coach Bill Belichick's role in the team's fourth-quarter collapse, Brady won't point fingers.

"When you lose, people place the blame in certain areas," he said. "We all know in here that it's not one thing to blame; we all could do things better. It's unfair in a group of 53 players and however many coaches we have that one person gets the blame. The reality is it's everybody."

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