Moss: 'Back to work'

NEW ORLEANS -- Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss was asked where the team goes from here after a lopsided 38-17 loss to the Saints Monday night at the Superdome.

"We go back to work," said Moss. "That's the great thing about football. Once the game is over, you've got 24 hours to reflect back, collect your thoughts on things. Wednesday starts another week. A game like this it really hurts, though. They put it to us."

Moss couldn't pinpoint the reason for New England's inability to perform consistently on offense Monday night, or why the team as a whole hasn't been able to maintain the same level of consistency each week this season.

And while Moss admitted the season is "kind of wavy right now," he's confident the team will get back on track.

"I look forward to a hell of a Wednesday," said Moss. "A hell of a week, really. It's back to the drawing board, to see if we can put this thing back together, get it going in the direction we need to."