Sound bites following Patriots win

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Sound bites from both teams' locker rooms and press conferences after the Patriots' 17-10 win over the Bills:

1. Tom Brady touched on the team's playoff position -- leading the AFC East by two games with two games to play: "That was great news to win the game and come in the locker room and see Tennessee kick that field goal [to beat Miami]," he said, before adding that it wasn't the Patriots' best performance but getting the win was the most important thing.

2. Bills safety Donte Whitner on Buffalo being flagged for 11 accepted penalties for 124 yards: "That's called 'beating yourselves.'"

3. Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick touched on the Patriots' defensive wrinkle, standing players up at the line of scrimmage and rushing from all angles out of a package with no defensive linemen. "Their thing was 'let's make this line communicate as much as possible, let's put some pressure on them and see how they are going to react to it.'"

4. Wes Welker was happy to see Randy Moss rebound. "He is a competitor and he wasn't happy with his performance the week before and he came out there and showed why he is one of the best to play the game," Welker said. "There was no doubt in my mind that he was going to bounce back from last week and have a great game."

5. Adalius Thomas was keeping the atmosphere light in the locker room, a sign that he's put the incident in which he was late for an 8 a.m. meeting and sent home behind him. "That page is turned," he said.

6. Rookie nose tackle Ron Brace said he had a lot of butterflies on the first drive, which was the first time he saw extended action since the Senior Bowl. Asked about his facemask penalty in the fourth quarter, he smiled and said, "That was bad. It was my first half-sack. Hopefully it's not my first fine."

7. Laurence Maroney, whose 23 carries were a season high, touched on the conditions. "I thought it was going to be Antarctica cold out here [but] it really wasn't that bad," he said. "We had a little peek of sun. The wind didn't blow too hard. I thought I was going to have to wear sleeves for the first time in my career but I didn't."

8. Mike Wright said the team knew Monday that Vince Wilfork and Ty Warren weren't going to play. "I think when you have guys like that out, it's huge for guys like myself and Brace to come in and play well. We've got Jarvis [Green] in there all the time, and for all of us to come together on this day and give it everything we've got and come out with a win on the road is just huge."

9. Bills linebacker Paul Posluszny said Welker was the Bills' "main concern" and their coverage reflected that. "We always knew where he was on the field so we tried to get hands on him, have a couple guys on him at all times," he said.

10. Thomas on what he called the Patriots' defense that included no defensive linemen: "Organized chaos."